STAFF Research Interest: (B)Environment, Resources & Tourism

Research Interest:

(B) Environment, Resources & Tourism

Research in this field concentrates on the broad areas of physical geography and environmental studies looking into issues concerning the physical environment and resources of the earth, as well as developments in tourism and leisure. Sub-fields with staff interests include Environmental governance and movements (Jim, Lee, Ng); Fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, water resources/quality (Lee, Peart, Zhang); Physical environment of China (Jim, Zhang); Tropical/urban climatology and atmospheric chemistry (Peart, Zhang); Tourism and leisure (Jim, YP Li, Peart); Urban forestry and soils (Jim, Ng, Zhang).

Team members:
Prof CY Jim (Leader), Dr Dr YSF Lee, Dr YP Li, Dr CN Ng, Dr MR Peart, Prof D Zhang

Postgraduate research students:
Cao Huiyi, Michael WH Chan, Chen Yan, Lewis TO Cheung, Hu Zhiyi, William SP Kong, Richard KH Kwong, Lai Kun, Caroline MY Law, Harry F Lee, Dorothy KL Loh, Kiano YM Luk, Shan Xizhang, Tian Yuhong, Glorfin WS Wong, Colette KL Yan,
Yang Yanfeng, Yu Xijun