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Name Dissertation Title
CHAN Ho Nam Dennis Evaluating Taxi Services in Hong Kong: Do Hong Kong Taxi Services Match Passenger Expectations?
CHEN Mingjie Discussion on the Application of a Green Transit Oriented Development Model in Guangzhou
FANG Qi  Feasibility of Developing a Road Safety Strategy for Hong Kong
GE Jian Development and Challenges of Sustainable Urban Transport in Chinese Mega Cities: The Case of Shanghai
HO Yan Wing Karrie A Study on Passenger Loyalty and Factors Affecting the Choice of an Airline – Cathay Pacific
HUANG Xia How Significant is the Role of Non-aeronautical Activities in the Development of International Hub Airports?
LAI Kim Wai E-commerce: Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Small & Medium Sized Logistics Operators in Hong Kong
LAM Chi Yan Rita   Is Striving towards Sustainability Another Business Opportunity for an Airline?
LEE Hiu Hsing Transport Infrastructure Development in a Changing Environment: Hong Kong's Policies, Approaches and Strategies
LEI Pui Yuk Global Production Regions in China
LI Yee Wah Janice Transport Development in Hong Kong: A Comparative Study on Airport and Railway Infrastructures
MA Yau Chung Speed Limits and Road Safety: A Case Study of Hong Kong
MIN Lixuan Transit Oriented Development in Hong Kong –Success with the “Rail Plus Property” Mode
MOK Wai Ting A Study on the Green Strategies of the Aviation Industry in Hong Kong
NGO Ching Kit   Feasibility of a Car-free City – A Case Study of Hong Kong
RODGERS Timothy Adam Koo A Global Review of Taxi Service Markets and Upcoming Challenges
RONG Rong Challenges of a Rapidly Aging Population on Transport Equity
SU Dongyi  Policies and Regulations on Ride-hailing Services: A Global Survey
TSE Tsz Chun  A Study of Senior Driving Policy and Issues in Hong Kong  – New Challenges
TUNG Chi Fung  The Future Development of Intercity Passenger Transportation – High Speed Rail and Aviation
WANG Xiaoyi How to Achieve Regional Transport Integration in the “Belt and Road”? Implications from Trans-European Transport Network in Europe
WONG Ho Yun A Study of an Airline Loyalty Programme – Cathay Pacific
YEUNG Lok Man The Future of the Light Rail System in Northwest New Territories
ZHANG Bowen  Marine Insurance Revisited under the Advent of Unmanned Ships
ZHANG Yuning The Application of Public-Private-Partnership Model in Mass Transit Railway Financing in Chinese Cities
ZUO Jin The Value of Elevated Pedestrian Systems in Hong Kong — A Case Study of the Central Elevated Walkway