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Name Dissertation Title
AU Yu Ching Eugene An Attitudinal Study on Risk Perceptions of Taxi Drivers in Hong Kong
CAI Xiaoman Relationship between TOD and Travel Behaviour: A Before-and-after Study of TOD in Hong Kong
CHAN Jacqueline Enhancing Outdoor Mobility for Active Ageing in Hong Kong: Prospects and Challenges
FLEMING Alexander Richard A Study of Passenger Sensitivities Towards Overcrowding on the Hong Kong MTR
FUNG Hiu Ching A Comparative Study of Community Engagement in Infrastructure Development in Hong Kong: The cases of the Express Rail Line and the Third Airport Runway
HO Choi Yan A Study on the Potential Development of Bus Rapid Transit and Modern Tramways in Hong Kong
HUI Kai Chun How can Hong Kong Maintain its Competitiveness as a Transshipment Hub?
LAM Pui Hang Identifying the Improvement Areas on Public Transport Services for the Elderly
LAU Suk Ching Changing Strategies for the Transport Planning of New Towns in Hong Kong
LIN Dan Development Models of Urban Rail Systems: A Comparative Study between Beijing and Hong Kong
LIU Meitong The Business Case for Metros in Chinese Cities: Hong Kong’s Rail-plus-Property Model Re-examined
LUI Nai Sing A Study of Private Mooring Policy in Hong Kong: Development and Challenges
MAN Amy Chen Environmental Impacts of the High Speed Rail in Mainland China: A Carbon Emissions Analysis
SO Tsz Pui Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Hong Kong International Airport due to the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge
WANG Jiasi An Analysis of Cold Chain Logistics in the Third Party Logistics in China
WONG Kin Hang Feasibility of Developing A Road Safety Index in Hong Kong
WONG Siu Yuen Assessing the Impact of Dump Truck Flows to Nearby Residents: A Case of the South East New Territories (SENT) Landfill
WONG Wing Lun Comparison and Review on Bus Priority Schemes between Hong Kong, Singapore and London
WONG Yuk Ki Mark Cycling as Everyday Mobility in Hong Kong: Can We Break Through the Psychological Barriers?
ZHANG Yao An Evolutionary Analysis of Regional Aviation in China: A Case Study of Joy Air
ZHENG Sirui The Prospects of Different Last-Mile Delivery Modes of E-commerce Logistics in Hong Kong
ZHOU Ye Disputes over Time Bar in Shipping and Insurance Claims: Theory and Practice in China