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Name Dissertation Title
CHAN Ho Wa Thales A Study of Overseas Airlines and Regulators Emission Policies: Lessons for Climate Change Issues in Hong Kong
CHAN Lang Hang David The Prospects of Cycling for Intra-city Travel in the New Towns of Hong Kong
CHAN Sze Man The Study of Air Traffic Efficiency Enhancement Strategy - Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)
CHEUNG Chi Wang A Study of Hong Kong Kwai Tsing Cargo Terminal: Development and Challenges
CHU Kin Fung The impacts of High Speed Rail (HSR) on the spatial distribution of urban development in China - Case Study of JingHu High-Speed Railway
DIAMOND Jamie An Evaluation of a GIS-aided Garbage Collection Service for Hong Kong Island
FU Ting Hong A review on Public Light Bus Policy in Hong Kong
LAU Lai Yin Vanessa Shipping connection between China and Africa - rationale and opportunities
LIU Xiyuan Bus Rapid Transit system service quality evaluation: A case study of Hefei.
MAN Ho Fai Ronald A Review of Cross Harbour Bus Services: Development and Challenges
NG Chun Pong Bus and Driver Scheduling in Hong Kong
NG Ka Hon Should Open Payment be implemented in Hong Kong’s Public Transportation System?
SEE Po Yam Rationalisation of Bus Routes under Area Approach: Interchange within an enhanced network?
SO Ho Ying Janice Institution for Sustainable Public Transport: A comparative study of the fixed-track systems in Hong Kong, London and Singapore
TANG Shing On A review and analysis of the public transportation in the North District, Hong Kong
THAI Ching Yin A Prognosis of the Development of Railway Transportation in a Matured Economy -- the case of Hong Kong
TSANG Lik Hang Quality of public transport information services provided by free mobile phones applications in Hong Kong
WU Yanan Economic Pricing Strategy for Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau Bridge
XIE Bojun Franchise or Integrated? The Evolving Business Model of S.F. Express and its Logistics Support System