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Name Dissertation Title
CHEN Jia Understanding Environmental Influences on Walking in Hong Kong
CHENG Jinchao An Analysis of Illegal Parking: A Case Study on Hefei
CHEUNG Tsz Kui Assessing the Proposed Route Change of the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon Route in Causeway Bay
FUNG Chung Wai, Joseph A Preliminary Study of Hong Kong Travelers' Awareness and Attitudes to Carbon Offset for Flying
FUNG Ngai Hang The Traveler Information System in Hong Kong, Supply and Demand
GE Wenjun Differences among Three Port Districts in Shanghai in their Multimodal Connections to Hinterland
JIN Yi The Value of a Seat on the Subway During Peak Hours in Beijing
KUNG Wing Yi Express Cargo Development in China
LAM Ka Ho Evaluation on the role of green minibus and the need for seating capacity increase
LEE Ming Yan Cycling as a sustainable transport: Is Hong Kong ready?
LEE Tak Kin An assessment of road safety performance in Hong Kong
LEE Wing Sum Enhancing Pedestrian Infrastructure: A Case Study of Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
LEUNG Hong Ting An Origin and Destination Study by using Automatic Electronic Transaction Records in Public Franchised Buses
LIANG Yan Transport-related Mobile Applications in Hong Kong: Opportunities and Challenges
LIN Zhen The Study of the Development Strategies of Nansha Port
SHAO Xiaojun A Feasibility Study on Bicycle Rental Scheme for Commuting in Hong Kong
TANG Man Chung A Study of Aviation Security Requirement for Hong Kong
TING Po Nam, Jovi An Examination of the Impact of Share Road Space on Tramway Operation in Hong Kong
WAN Pui Yau Cycling Safety in Hong Kong
WONG Chiu Fai The Impacts of Self-Service Check-In on the Airport’s Operation
WU Chun Fai Applying the doctrine of legitimate expectation in regulating public transport fare
YEUNG Jonathan Travel Patterns of Columbarium Trips
ZHOU Mi Developing a level-of-service (LOS) standard for taxi services in Hong Kong