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Name Dissertation Title
CHAN Chi Kong Sustainable Ferry Service in Hong Kong
CHAN Lok Nga Transport Strategy for Hong Kong, its Past and Future, and Is it an Appropriate Model for Other Cities
CHAN Siu Ho Rail Merger in Hong Kong: Its Impact to Hong Kong's Railway Systems
CHENG Suet Mei A Review of Chek Lap Kok as an Airport City
CHUNG Chi Keung An Evaluation on Transport Fare Concessions for the Elderly in Hong Kong
CHUNG Tsz Fai Impacts of the Mass Transit Railway on Travel Patterns
CHUNG Yee Ting An Analysis of Functional Airspace Block Approach in Pearl River Delta – A Perspective from Hong Kong
HOU Ming Bo A Comparative Study of the Top 10 Liner Shipping Companies and their Marketing Strategies in the Next Five Years
LAU Man Kwan Julia The Development of the High Speed Rail Network in China and its Impact to China's Transportation System
LI Hoi Cheung A Methodology for Finding an Optimum Toll Structure for the Cross Harbour Tunnel, Hong Kong
LI Kar Lok Effectiveness of the Rotterdam Rules in Multimodal Transport: A Critical Evaluation
LI Yuen Sze Assessment of Aircraft Noise in Hong Kong: Community Annoyance along Flight Tracks
LIU Hung Cheong Modelling the Effects of a Railway Station in Mathematical Transportation Planning Models
LO Chi Pan Bicycle Needs, Training and Safety in Hong Kong
NG Wing Keung Samuel Legal Issues on Underground Strata Resumption of Transport Project in Hong Kong
TANG Yu To Matthew A Study of International Security Requirement on Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry: Development and Challenges
TANG Yi Road Transport Biofuels: Potential Impacts on Hong Kong Air Quality
TSANG Wui Hin Repositioning Shares Bikes
WANG Xin A Study on the Sustainability of Building the Third Runway at Hong Kong International Airport
WONG Chiu An Appraisal of the Community Engagement in the Planning of Franchised Bus Services in Hong Kong
WONG Mei Chi Development of an Evaluation Matrix for Assessing Congestion Sites and Selecting Improvement Schemes
WU Juanyu Industry Decentralization in Hong Kong: Some Trends and Patterns
WU Yangming Examining Trip-chaining Behavior in Public Transport System in Hong Kong
YAU Kung Yuen Non-Financial Supporting Measures to Green Mini-Bus Operation (A Case Study in Southern District, Hong Kong)
YEUNG Tsz Ying An Appraisal on Diamond Taxis, as a Mode of Transport to Meet the Mobility Needs of People with Disabilities
YEUNG Wai Ying An Appraisal of the Development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Developed Countries, and its Applicability in Hong Kong
ZHANG Chenchen Attitudes towards Private Vehicle Ownership in Hong Kong: Survey and Policy Implication