MATPP Dissertations



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Name Dissertation Title
AN Lu Estimation of Public Transport Transfer Penalty in Hong Kong
ANG Chi Tat The development Potential and Rationale of the railway link between Hong Kong Int'l airport and Shenzhen
CHENG Tsz Kwan Effects of a railway station in transportation planning
CHEUNG Man Kit A comparative study of the regulation models on railways and buses in Singapore and Hong Kong
HE Jianfeng A Comparative Study on the Accessibility of High-Speed Rail in Yangtze River Delta, China
HU Ye High-speed rail and its impact on air transportation in China
HUI Kwan Pik An Appraisal of Community Engagement in Planning the Express Rail Link
KWAN Wah Sang Terrace Analysing the potential of electric vehicles in improving the air quality of Hong Kong
KWOK Ka Yan Quality of Service of Tram Services in Hong Kong
LO Chi Yee Traffic speed and travel time estimation based on taxi GPS data
SHAM Ming Kin A review of tunnel operation in Hong Kong
SUN Lei A Review of PPP Application in Transport System in Hong Kong
WONG Chung Yin Philip The development of pedestrian flow model
WONG Ping Cheung Taxi Fares – Regulated or Deregulated
YEUNG Hiu Fun Chris A Study of Green Logistics in the Third Party Logistics Industry in Hong Kong