MATPP Dissertations



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Name Dissertation Title
AU Nga Chun Travel and activity patterns of retirees in Hong Kong
CHAN Chi Him The use of dynamic marketing strategies and passenger-oriented interchange arrangements in support of a distressed cable car system – The case of the Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong
CHAN Hoi Ying A study on air freight transport in Hong Kong
IONG Sin I Design and development criteria of a public transit information system
IP Chun Kit Baggage claims under common law and international conventions- Analysis of passengers’ rights and carriers’ liabilities
LAU Wing Yin Emergency ambulance services of Hong Kong
LAW Jessica Assessment of the economic benefits of launching electronic road pricing on the Central-Wan Chai Bypass
LEE Yan Pui A new approach to presenting congestion level alerts to road users
LEUNG Chui Yee A study on the relationship between transportation and telecommunications in Hong Kong: Are they complementary or competitive?
LI Kam Piu An evaluation on the future of ferry services in Hong Kong
LIU Li The location of the Express Rail Link station in Hong Kong and its impacts on travel patterns
NG Chiu Kit An examination of the inter-modal transport co-ordination policy in Hong Kong
NG Man Lai An analysis of Macau International Airport as a supplementary freight runway for the Hong Kong International Airport
NG Wing Yan Development of logistics parks in China
TSANG Tak Yuet A study on the sustainability of public-light bus services in Hong Kong
WONG Cheuk Pong, Ryan The development of a taxi customer search model
WONG Cheuk Yin Sustainability measures of inland waterway transport and their application in China
YANG Yang Analysis of public transport for urban tourism in China
YUEN Chi Wai An investigation of the feasibility of developing a real-time traffic information hub for Hong Kong