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Name Dissertation Title
AU YEUNG Ching Cheong, Stephen Local Policies and the Environment - A Study on Vehicle Pollution
CHAU Kai Yeung, Oliver Planning and Design of an Urban Bus Network System
CHAU Wing Cheuk A Study on the Sufficiency of the Light Rail Transit as a Feeder to  the West Rail in Tuen Mun
CHENG Man Kit, Simon Electronic Road Pricing - An Option for Hong Kong?
CHEUNG Kwok Wai, Demen Management Innovation in Public Light Bus - Green Minibus in Hong Kong
KWOK Ka Ho Bus-rail Co-ordination: A Case Study of MTR Feeder Buses in Hong Kong
KUNG Syu Yan, Louis A Review of Hong Kong’s Public Transport Policies with  Reference to Impacts on Franchised Bus Services
LO Yu Ching, Jackson Can Telecommunications Replace Journey to Work in Hong Kong?
MAK Wai On The Future of Hong Kong Tramways
SO Man Cheong A Study of Freight Transport: Air Cargo in Hong Kong
TANG Chi Chung Incident Management in the Mass Transit Railway
TANG Yee Man, Winnie Express Air Cargo Development in the Pearl River Delta Region - Present and Future
YEUNG Yui Hong, Abel Ferry Services in Hong Kong: Opportunities and Constraints
YIP Chi Hang, Gary Impact of Government Policies on the Development of Public Light Bus Services in Hong Kong
YIP Yau Kuen Regulatory Framework of Non-franchised Buses in Hong Kong with Reference to the Control of Illegal Bus Services