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Name Dissertation Title
Cheung Tak Ming Should Railway Development in Hong Kong be Demand-driven?
Choy Wing Pong A Review of the Value of Travel Time in Hong Kong
Hue Ka Yiu Inter-modal Co-ordination of Ma On Shan Rail with Other Public Transport Modes
Kwan Kwok Yan A Study of Change of Passenger Travel Behaviour in relation to the Commencement of New Railway Systems in North-west and North-east NT
Kwok Mun Keong Kelvyn Ecological Modernisation in the Transport Sector in Hong Kong
Law Kam Wah Traffic Noise Mitigation in Hong Kong
Liu Ching Man Railway and Sustainable Transport Development
Lo Sze Yuen A Critical Evaluation of Public Transport Policy Formulation in Hong Kong
Mak Miu Ho Environmentally Friendly Transport System in Hong Kong
Ng Che On Discovering the Characteristics of Public Bus Accidents in Hong Kong - A Data Mining Approach
Ngo Yuen Cheuk John High Frequent Commuting Services Bound for South China: The Case of Hong Kong Aviation Industry
Shek Man Ching Hong Kong as Asia’s World Metropolis: A Policy Assessment of the Public Transport System
Tsang Ki Keung A Study of Freight Transport in Hong Kong
Wong Ho Yan Towards Safe and Environmentally Sustainable Public Light Bus Services in Hong Kong
Wong Ho Yin A Study of the Application of Public Private Partnership in Transport Projects
Wong Kam Public Transport Competition between Bus and Rail
Wong Kwok Yiu Passengers’ Choice between the West Rail and Buses
Wong Sau Lim Airline Revenue Management, Passenger Right and Protection
Wong Wai Sum May Public Light Bus Service in a Challenging Transport Environment
Wong Wing Sum Angela Possibility of the Development of High Speed Train between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Yau Chun Kin A Review of Passenger Railway Development in Hong Kong
Yiu Kwok Kin Antonio An Integrated Public Transport System - A Case Study of Hong Kong
Yuen Wing Cheong A Study of the Fare Structure of Hong Kong's Railway System