MATPP Dissertations



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Name Dissertation Title
Au Siu Fung Inter-modal Co-ordination of West Rail with Other Public Transport Modes
Chan Kwong Yan, Ivan Developing a Sustainable Transport System in Hong Kong
Chan Lai Shan Development of Low Cost Airlines in the Asia Pacific Region
Cheng Sing Yip Public transport safety in Hong Kong
Fung Wai Kwan Louis The Governance of Cross-boundary Land-based Passenger Transport Services
Ho Fung Yee Janet On-Street Parking in Hong Kong
Ho Kwan Hang A Review of the Parking Demand Policy and Planning in Hong Kong
Ho Kwok Hung Patrick Optimization of Traffic Flows in Road Tunnels between Shatin and Metropolitan Area
Kung Wai Hung Nebon Rail-based Cross-border Passenger Traffic between Hong Kong and the Mainland
Lam Kwong Chiu Gareth A Review of Studies on Cross Pearl River Delta Bridge
Lee Hau Kwan Pedestrianization Schemes in Hong Kong
Leung Suen Wai A Review of Bus Fare Structure in Hong Kong
Leung Wai Lun William Evaluating Hong Kong’s Continued Role as Asia’s Aviation Hub
Liu Wai Man Raymond Competition Policy and Strategies in the Public Transits: A Case Study of Hong Kong’s Mass Transit System
Lo Chi Wah Felix A Case Study of Build-Operate-Transfer Road Project in Hong Kong: Route 3 Country Park Section
Lo Shek Yung Anthony The Role of Hong Kong in theRegional Governance of Water-borne Transport Services and Infrastructure
Luk Yiu Wah Everett Potential Applications of Intelligent Transport Systems in Urban Freight Transport
Ng Wai Leung Weland A Study of the Impacts of SARS on Air Transport Demand in Hong Kong - the Case of Cathay Pacific Airways
Ngai Ming Shan A Review and Prognosis of the Development of Hong Kong’s Railway System (no on-line copy available in the library)
So Miu Sang Air Cargo Industry in Hong Kong
Tse Cheuk Yu Eric Evaluating the Service Quality and Policy of the Public-Light Bus Service in Hong Kong
Tsui Hon Yan Paul Government’s Role in Promoting Hong Kong as an International and Regional Logistics and Distribution Hub
Tsui Wing Shuen The Competition between Rail and Road on Cross-bounding Traffic
Tung Sun Daniel Ecological Modernisation in the Transport Sector in Hong Kong
Wong Chi Yui William A Study of Operators' Views on LPG Minibuses
Wong Wai Cheong Jeffrey Public Transport Pricing: Feasibility of Fixed Concession Fare for The Elderly
Wong Wing Yee Winnie Government's role in the privatization of tunnels in Hong Kong