MATPP Dissertations



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Name Dissertation Title
Chan Cheong Fai Francis The Role of Residential Coaches in Hong Kong
Chan Chi Kin Simon Policy Making and Implementation of Pedestrianization
Chan Su Yee The Value of Real Time Information at Bus Stops in Hong Kong
Chan Tat Tai The Competition between Buses and MTR in Hong Kong
Chow Ka Ching Bernard Developing an Effective Framework for Pedestrianization Schemes in Hong Kong
Ho Shuk Ting Michelle A Study of the Transport Needs of patients for Medical Services, with Special Reference to their Spatial Pattern
Hui Yau Lung Michael The Trolley Bus: A Sustainable Technology Option for Hong Kong
Kwan Chiu Keung Housing and Transport: A Study of Priority with Particular Reference to Hong Kong
Kwok Che Yan Sharon Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Existing Pedestrianization Schemes in Hong Kong
Lam Shuk Ha Sophia A Study of the Commercial Strategy for an Airport
Lau Ming Yu Thomas A Review of the Area-wide Bus Priority Policy in Hong Kong
Lau Pui Shuen Julie Tourism and Transportation in Hong Kong
Lau Tak Wai Jeff Planning and Administering Railway Development in a Densely Developed City: The Case of Hong Kong
Law Lap Tak Brendan An Investigation of Realtime Data in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Lee Po Wing The Role and Improvement Initiatives of Transport Interchanges in Hong Kong
Lee Siu Ping Sonia The Role of Container Liner Shipping in the Logistics Industry: Opportunities and Challenges
Lo Kan Ip Eric Sustainable Railway Infrastructure Development: Lessons from the Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau Spur Line
Lo Tit Kau A Study of the Transport Needs for Medical Services, with Emphasis on the Accessibility of the Prince of Wales Hospital to Patients
Mok Chi Kit A Study of the Transport Needs for Medical Services ofpatients at the Yan Chai Hospital
Rim Ka Fai A Review of Passenger Transport Services to and from the Hong Kong International Airport
Tse Yu Yuk A Study of Public Passenger Transport Integration – with Special Reference to Rail Services
Wong Yee Fang Eva A Study of the Transport Needs of patients for Medical Services, with Special Emphasis on Cost Minimization
Wong Yin Ling Development of the Supply Chain Concept and its Impact on Shipping Industry
Yu Tai Ho Haiko Cross-boundary Passenger Transport between Hong Kong and Shenzhen