MATPP Dissertations



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Name Dissertation Title
Chan Cheuk Ho The Transport and Logistics of an E-commerce Firm in Hong Kong: a Case Study
Chan Ho Kuen An Impact Study of E-commerce Development on a Freight Forwarding Company – a Case Study
Chan Hok Kan Eric Traffic in Hong Kong New Towns
Chan Kui Wai The Future of Hong Kong's Inter-City Ferry Passenger Services
Chan On Kei Hong Kong's Performance in Relation to International Sustainable Transport
Chan Wing Yiu A Review of the Public Transport Policy in Hong Kong
Cheng Hon Keung Options for Improving the Existing MTR Network in Hong Kong
Cheung Kwok Wah The Role of the Railway in Urban Transport – Integrated Transport, Land Use and Environmental Planning in Hong Kong
Cheung Suk Ling The Potential of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Hong Kong
Cheung Yu Piu A Critical Review on the Planning of Cross Border Vehicular Traffic Between Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Fung Kwok Chu Frank The Impact of Developments in Communication to Transport
Fung Tse Hing Winnie Transport in World Cities: How Does Hong Kong Perform?
Ho Shu Wah Non-Fare Revenue in Transport
Lam Kwun Yi The Prospects of Maglev for Hong Kong’s Railway Development
Lau Ho Kay Andrew The Changing Role of Hong Kong as Transport Gateway to China: A Statistical Approach
Leung Pui Yin A Study of the Application of Alternative Fuels in Public Light Buses in Hong Kong
Li Wai Ching The Reform Programme of the Ministry of Railways and Its Impact on Rail Development in China
Lit Chun Wa A Review of Taxi Policies in Hong Kong
Lo Kwong Pui Attitudes to Public Transport in Hong Kong
Lung Hon Kei William Environmental Impact Assessments and Transport Development in Hong Kong
Ng Tze On A Study of Sustainable Fuel in Public Transport : the Case of Public Light Buses in Hong Kong
Pang Ming Ho Darwin An Evaluation of Waterborne Ferry Services in Hong Kong : Past & Future
Poon Po Wan Shirley Reducing Traffic in Country Parks
Shek Chi Ming A Study of the Airport Express Railway: Its Functions and Viability
Siu Wai Ming The Development of Transport Policy in Hong Kong
Su Yau On Albert Regulatory Regimes for Public Transport Services in Hong Kong
Tam Kai Ho Brian Worldwide Developments in Air Transport : Liberalization and Open Skies Concepts
Tsang Chung Yin Irene Changing Commuting Patterns of New Town Residents in Hong Kong
Wong Chi Tak Keith Applications of Vehicle Location and Communication Technology in Fleet Management Systems
Wong Hiu Nga Daisy Environmental Quality and Transport Policy
Wong King On Development of Franchised Bus Services in Hong Kong: A Marketing Approach