MATPP Dissertations



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Name Dissertation Title
Chan Ka Kan Erico Changes in Cathay Pacific Airways: Facing the Challenge of the 21stCentury
Chee Wing Yan David Road Accidents: Identification of Patterns and Trends
Flint Reuben David The Sustainability and Development of Hong Kong's Land Transport System
Ho Chi Cheong Joe A Critique of the Effectiveness of Transport Planning Models on Railway Planning in Hong Kong
Ho Hing Lun The Inter-relationship between Household Income and Trip Generation, with Particular Reference to Rail Transport Planning
Hung Wing Chun The Costing of Container Liner ServiceĀ 
Kwok Shi Chung Colin The Role of Electronic Road Pricing in Tackling Traffic Congestion in Hong Kong
Lau Siu Han Cecilia The Role of the Port of Shanghai in The Economic Development of the Yangtze River Delta
Leung Chi Man The Formation of An Extended Metropolitan Region in Zhujiang Delta
Leung Hon Man Coleman Public Transport Pricing: A Case Study of The Application of Smart Card in The Bus Industry
Leung Shuk Yee Betty Urban Taxi Service in Hong Kong
Li Chun Wah A Study on The Feasibility of A Port Railway in Hong Kong
Li Hon Leung Francis The Development of Containerized Intermodalism in South China
Li Kam Kuen Timothy The Hong Kong Airfreight Industry
Luk Kapo Rose Maria A Study of The Applications of Operational Research in The Planning and Design of Airports
Mok Yeuk Kwok A Study of The Future Role of Hong Kong as An International Port in China
Ng Wing Suen Samuel Electronic Road Pricing in Singapore : Lessons for Hong Kong
So Koon Leung A Review of Safety Strategies of Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong
Tam Yee Wah Factors Influencing The Choice of Mode for Trips To and From Chek Lap Kok Airport
Wong Heung Tsun The Development of Container Ports in Guangdong: A Port Operator's Perspective
Wong Hon Chung Potential and Limitations for Trolley Bus Transport in Hong Kong
Wong Kwan Wai Sammy Multimodal Freight Transportation in the United States
Yeung Kit Choi James A Study of The Air Pollution Situation and Its Effects in Urban Hong Kong Caused by Land-based Transport
Yu Chi Ming The Impact of The Octopus System on Journey-to-work Behaviour of Bus Passengers