Feedback from Graduates


Joyce Wong (Part-time) Class of 2017

"MATPP has offered me valuable chances to explore knowledge and expand my network in the transportation field. During the study, I was inspired by the enthusiasm and professionalism of transport academics and professors, who always answered our enquiries in a prompt manner and guided us to keep on track with all the state-of-the-art transportation technology. This programme is highly recommended to transport practitioners as well as those who are interested in the transportation field."


Wei Jaiyi (Full-time) Class of 2017

“The MATPP programme has consolidated my theoretical knowledge and technical skills in transport policy and planning. The dissertation was the most valuable part for me, which developed my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Joining this one-year MATPP programme was a vital step in my career development. I am also glad to have made friends with my classmates. I have no hesitation to recommend MATPP to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the transport field.”



Zhu Zhilin (Full-time) Class of 2017

"During my studying process of MATPP, I acquired a series of knowledge concerning transportation planning, policy and engineering as well as experience relating to transport analysis methods, which are necessary for me to develop my next transportation career. Besides, I also had opportunities to meet new people from different backgrounds and fields in Hong Kong within this programme. Although it was not easy for me to learn a new field from my non-transportation major in one year, through the professional teachers and their patience, I successfully learnt this new transport knowledge in Hong Kong. Therefore, the study of MATPP will become a memorable experience for students no matter full-time or part-time."


Lan Xinzi (Full-time) Class of 2017

“Before commencing the MATPP programme, I was like a frog at the bottom of a well. Nevertheless, after September 2016, I changed. With the practical and simultaneously cutting-edge skills I learnt from MATPP, I have broadened my horizons in regard to the whole transport industry. Now, I have decided to devote myself to the online navigation domain and bring my ambition to Tencent. Thank you MATPP! Thank you Becky! Thank you Dorothy!”



Wallace Soh (Part-time) Class of 2017

"MATPP provided opportunities for me to think more about transport from different perspectives. As a traffic engineer responsible for traffic study and transport infrastructure design, our career knowledge largely depends on the projects we work on. The assignments in this programme provide opportunities for students to evaluate controversial transport issues such as options for expanding existing airports or proposing a second airport, analysing transport problems in geographical aspects, designing monorail alignments in North Lantau and visiting foreign cities to understand their public transport operations. The dissertation experience stimulated my interest in pedestrian traffic and provided an opportunity for me to discover the ways to increase the walkability of Hong Kong. These experiences are suitable for those working in the transport industry but also for those interested in transport to prepare to become a transport professional."



Jeffrey Cheung (Part-time) Class of 2017

"The MATPP programme provides multidisciplinary training on transport theories, research methods and practical skills to students through diversified learning activities, including classroom lectures, team projects, independent research, field trips and seminars. It keeps up with the hottest transport issues which have key importance to future transport development and have drawn wide concern among academics and policymakers, such as intelligent transportation systems, big data applications in transport, driverless vehicles, bicycle sharing, on-demand ride sharing, non-motorised transport, high-speed rail and the Belt and Road Initiative. The teachers are knowledgeable academics or experienced professionals who are passionate and energetic in teaching. Overall, the programme is ideal for transport executives, budding scholars and transport enthusiasts who wish to broaden their exposure to transport systems and policies around the world and deepen their understanding of the inter-relationship between transport and contemporary society."



Ge Jian (Part-time) Class of 2016

"The purpose of my enrolling in MATPP in the University of Hong Kong was both for personal interest and career development. As the deputy general manager in the cargo division of a local airline, my major function covers the fleet and network planning for freight aircraft as well as the development of strategic alliances with potential interline partners for cargo.

As I expected, upon completion of the 2-year part-time study, I am now more confident in dealing with important air cargo projects in my workplace. The application of survey, data analysis, project appraisal knowledge and skills which I have acquired from MATPP is especially useful in handling tasks of market research and project cost & benefit evaluation. Besides, the composition of the MATPP dissertation was another challenging but rewarding experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the MATPP teaching staff for their guidance and assistance. I would also like to recommend this programme to people who wish to further broaden their horizons in the field of the transport industry."



Fang Qi (Full-time) Class of 2016

"The past one year of the MATPP programme in HKU was an amazing year of my life. This programme offered me a higher and more comprehensive understanding of the transport field. Using the Hong Kong public transport system as the basis, in the past year, I learned more advanced concepts about the planning and policy making of public transport. Additionally, through the group projects and field trip with experienced professors and classmates, it gave me a new understanding of public transport development, and the knowledge I gained in the undergraduate stage was reorganized and can be used more systematically. Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the professors, professionals and classmates who gave me great support during the past year. Truly hoping the MATPP programme can become better and better in the future."


Karrie Ho (Part-time) Class of 2016

"MATPP is a comprehensive and intensive programme which offers students in-depth knowledge from various disciplines in transportation fields. It is definitely not an easy course: with the learning objectives set in this programme, students are required to fulfil certain requirements and are expected to deliver course work of high quality.

However, this programme is worth the effort, as I learned a lot from the transportation experts through the knowledge and the experiences they shared. These valuable knowledge and experience have not only enriched my life but also broadened my horizons. This programme is highly recommended to transport executives as well as those who are interested in transportation.

Enjoy & have Fun!!!!"



Janice Li (Part-time) Class of 2016

"The MATPP Programme provides a front row seat to understand transport policy and planning through the context of Hong Kong, especially with first-hand experience shared by many experts from the transport field, who are able to deliver insights that are motivating, relevant and practical. The programme also enables a steep learning curve by exposing opportunities beyond academic life, encouraging participation in field trips, forums and institutions within the industry, while direct interaction with transport experts also inspired greater possibilities. The programme develops students with a thinking process not only applicable to the transport field, but also from a wider planning and policy perspective, which makes the experience fulfilling and valuable for the pursuit of future endeavours." 



Timothy Rodgers (Full-time)
Class of 2016

"The MATPP programme was successful in providing a comprehensive review of transportation policies and planning from social and political aspects, to engineering and project management perspectives. The content was thoroughly interesting and highly relevant to transport issues today. Moreover, one of the standout features of the MATPP programme is the ex-government and transport professionals who are your lecturers and mentors. Being able to interact and learn from these experts was invaluable as they have first-hand experience dealing with transport and urban issues throughout their careers and lifetimes, and are able to share fascinating stories of their times working in transportation. Overall, I learned a great deal from the MATPP programme. I now know things about transportation systems that I didn’t before, and enjoyed the classes I chose to take. The dissertation provides a useful challenge to dive deeper into researching an area of transportation that interests you most, and although tough to complete within one year, it was well worth having a piece of work to be proud of at the end."




Lawrence Tse (Full-time) Class of 2016

"I made the right decision one year ago - to study this programme. MATPP is a well-structured programme. Undoubtedly, the teachers are all professionals and very experienced in this field. They have strong enthusiasm to share their experience in the transport sector during lessons, seminars, field trips and after class. My knowledge and problem-solving techniques were enhanced through assignments, group projects, presentation and guidance from teachers.  

During the field trip to Shanghai, we had a valuable opportunity to visit the depot of Shanghai Pudong New Area Public Transport Co., Ltd. and understand the bus service operations of the leading bus company in Shanghai. We exchanged ideas and compared the most recent development and technology in the transport and planning field between Shanghai and Hong Kong. We had lots of fun during the trip. Friendships were established among classmates and teachers.

Albeit that the dissertation was a challenge, my supervisor inspired me a lot, not only on the knowledge in the transport sector, but also the skills to conduct research and deliver a presentation and dissertation of high quality. To me, it was really an unforgettable and fruitful year in my life at The University of Hong Kong. My greatest thanks and gratitude go to all the professors, staff as well as fellow classmates who whole-heartedly and continuously deliver their support to MATPP.  All in all, I believe that what I learned and gained here can be applied in my future life. If you want to join our MATPP big family, apply; do not miss this chance!"



Bryan Zhang (Full-time) Class of 2016

"By joining MATPP, I've had exposures to professionals who've inspired and encouraged me.  I value the dissertation task a lot. Though tough, it offered me an opportunity to choose a topic close to my heart and enjoy the tailored study and supervision by an established expert. MATPP provides not only professional skills that make me competent in a fast-paced working environment, but also in-depth vision on how transport facilitates a sustainable urban life."



Eugene Au (Part-time) Class of 2015

“Before I entered HKU for the MATPP programme, I was looking forward to finding a job in the transport industry but my undergraduate degree and working experience were pretty much irrelevant to the field. I was very grateful to be admitted to the programme, and the programme proved useful by equipping us with knowledge and skills through its curriculum and the dissertation for the transport and logistics industry after two years of study. Now I have graduated as a member of the transport industry workforce and am ready to pursue a career path in the industry with what I gained from the programme.”


Emma Fung (Full-time) Class of 2015

“I have acquired some professional knowledge about the transport industry via the MATPP programme, like the theory of transport planning, the practical engineering system, and research method in transport studies. Such knowledge can be applied in my job and help increase my competitiveness when searching for a job. The programme also gave me an opportunity to practise personal and corporate skills through doing diverse projects and a dissertation. All these skills are useful for my future career.”



Candy Ho (Part-time) Class of 2015

“Honestly, this is a tough course that gives you a broad and in-depth understanding of transport planning and policy under a highly compacted timeframe. Yet it really paid off in that one can be equipped with the necessary knowledge and technical skills for performing transport planning tasks; it enhances analytical and presentation skills that are invaluable for career development; you meet high-calibre classmates and distinguished lecturers from various disciplines, and undoubtedly you can enjoy a memorable and well-supported learning experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding and analyzing transport-related matters at a planning and policy level, whether having any relevant education background before or not, to take part in this course.”



Tommy Lam (Full-time) Class of 2015

“The MATPP programme is very comprehensive. In only one year, it covers a wide range of transport-related topics which equipped me with knowledge that has helped me to develop my career in this field. Though the projects and dissertation were tough, it helped me to meet friends who are interested in the transport field, and what I am most grateful for is that I could have opportunities to meet many experts / professionals in this industry and discuss topics with them, which inspired me a lot. I would like to express my greatest gratitude to all the professors, professionals and classmates who taught me a lot last year, especially my dissertation supervisor, who gave me a lot of suggestions and inspiration. In conclusion, studying MATPP is a valuable experience and helped me a lot in pursuing my career.”


Mark Lui (Part-time) Class of 2015

"The MATPP programme is systematic and comprehensively offers students from different backgrounds an opportunity to further develop their knowledge of transport policy and planning. All the professors I met were experts in the field. I appreciate their wholehearted efforts in sharing their valuable experience. Being a part-time student is never easy. But when I look back, I enjoyed my study there. My knowledge of transport policy and planning was enhanced through working together on our assignments and projects with my fellow classmates. Besides, I gained a lot from the guidance of my experienced supervisor in regard to my dissertation. I believe the skills and experience gained throughout the study will be beneficial in my life. I would recommend this course to all who are interested in transport policy and planning. If you are looking for a transport-related course, come and join us!"


Janice So (Part-time) Class of 2014

"I am glad that I have taken the MATPP programme. The programme has equipped me with both theoretical and practical knowledge about transport planning. The teaching staff were professionals in the transport sector and I was very grateful that I had a chance to learn from them. The most valuable part of the programme was the dissertation. The process was really tough but I gained good lessons in critical thinking and time management skills. Overall, the programme has provided me with a rewarding study experience."


Iris Thai (Part-time) Class of 2014

"Studying as a two-year part-time student is not easy. Assignments, group projects, examinations and the dissertation put me under quite some pressure on top of my daytime job. Nevertheless, the MATPP programme was worth the effort. In two years, I learned a lot from the excellent teaching staff, not only from their knowledge, but also their valuable experience. Besides, I am very happy to have met some like-minded friends in the programme. I would definitely recommend this programme to all those who are interested in transportation study and love taking challenges."


David Chan (Part-time) Class of 2014

“The MATPP programme provided me an opportunity to meet academics from different disciplines which developed my knowledge and skills in transport planning. The expertise shared by the professionals in the transport field have broadened the horizons of my career and their wisdom have inspired me in every way. The study here is pleasurable and great friendships have been developed through the hard work on group projects. It was also a fascinating experience to work on my dissertation using the academic approach which allowed me to view and see things differently and to exploit my potential in advanced transportation planning.”


Olivia Chan (Part-time) Class of 2014

"The MATPP programme provides an excellent learning platform to both full-time and part-time students concerning different transport sectors. The course is pragmatic with lecturers and professors who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in their transport fields. I would say that the most valuable piece of work was the final-year dissertation, which gave me a chance to undertake profound study in my field of interest. My knowledge has been enriched which greatly benefits my career advancement."



Ronald Man (Full-time) Class of 2014

“Transport is closely related to our daily life, in which every decision made by transport practitioners directly affects people’s quality of life. There is no doubt that making a suitable decision requires very clear logical thinking, together with comprehensive consideration of different stakeholders. With numerous opportunities of group projects on transport-related issues, the MATPP programme has shown me the way to enhance all these skills, which are definitely useful to not only my future job, but also my personal development. Together with the sharing by numerous professionals from the transport sector, the MATPP programme has provided me with more understanding of the real-world situation of the sector. All this has prepared me well as a future transport practitioner, and I really appreciate the valuable guidance provided by my dissertation supervisor and other professors throughout the programme, which will be beneficial for the rest of my life.”


Liu Xiyuan (Full-time) Class of 2014

"The past one year on the MATPP programme was an amazing journey. This programme provides inside views on transport-related issues and was a step for me to establish my professional knowledge and skills in the transport planning field. I really enjoyed the time learning from our outstanding professors and I would like to express my sincere thanks to our professors for sharing their in-depth thoughts on transport issues which inspired me a lot. The dissertation was also a valuable experience for me; it helped me develop my writing and research skills to complete an academic thesis. Working with my supervisor Dr. Zhang Feng was also enjoyable and I’m really grateful for his guidance and encouragement. Finally, thanks a lot to the MATPP programme; it opened a window for me and provided me a chance to pursue my career in transport and I do believe that this programme can benefit your career and life."


Ledower Cheng (Full-time) Class of 2013

"The one year spent with the MATPP family passed very fast; meanwhile, I harvested, improved and grew up a lot in that year. Accomplishing the MATPP requirements is not an easy task: it needs good time management, comprehensive knowledge and creative thinking. But when I look back, I am quite sure that all the efforts were deserving and all the memories unforgettable. The MATPP programme reminded me of the saying, “no pain, no gain”. Besides, I feel so lucky to have met friends and teachers on this programme. I cherish the time we were together. These people really let me feel warm and begin to fall in love with this city."


Yoki Lee (Full-time) Class of 2013

"Choosing to take the MATPP programme is certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made. During the past one year, I have gained better understandings of transport knowledge through various kinds of lectures and seminars given by passionate professors and transport experts. Writing up the dissertation was also a new and unforgettable experience for me. I have developed good critical thinking skills and research skills as well. I really appreciate all the professors and lecturers for their patience and guidance. It was also a nice time studying with my fellow classmates and I am glad to have become good friends with them. I would like to recommend this programme to all those who are interested in transportation study."


Yan Liang (Full-time) Class of 2013

"As a full-time student, I feel that the one-year programme was very comprehensive, which equipped me with knowledge of transport policy and planning and allowed me to gain a better understanding of the current transport system in Hong Kong.
The programme not only passed on theories through course lectures; the field trip study and seminars also provided me with opportunities to have in-depth communications and open discussions with transport experts from different countries. Through completing different assignments and the individual dissertation, the MATPP programme made me able to develop my critical thinking ability and apply what I had learnt to practical transport-related issues.
I really appreciate all the professors, experts and classmates I met in the programme, for their gracious inspirations and kindly support. I thank them all indeed for making the MATPP programme an unforgettable learning experience in my life."


Jonathan Wong (Part-time) Class of 2013

"There is no doubt that the MATPP programme provides a broad range of knowledge regarding transportation policy and planning; its coverage spans from theoretical concepts such as mixed-use development to practical skills such as survey and data analysis.
In addition, the MATPP programme brought many transportation professionals together so I could make friends with classmates from other fields, which greatly broadened my horizons. I also learnt a lot from them throughout our ideas exchange and project management in several group projects.
The most remarkable experience from the MATPP programme was the individual dissertation. Of course, it was not an easy task, but I learnt a lot from it by doing research, gathering information and elaborating my ideas through organized writing. I was also encouraged to self-learn and develop the research progressively under the guidance of an experienced supervisor, which not only polished my research and writing skills but was also beneficial to my career as a consultant engineer."


Thales Chan (Part-time) Class of 2014

“With over 15 years of experience, the MATPP programme has the strongest team of teaching staff to provide students with all-rounded theoretical knowledge and valuable experiences from their corresponding transport sectors. The MATPP programme is suitable for those who are working in the transport field and want to pursue an advanced level of knowledge.”



Franki Li (Full-time) Class of 2012

"The MATPP programme is unique in Hong Kong. It includes courses related to transportation from different perspectives. It teaches all the necessary skills and knowledge requirements in regard to transport policy and planning which equipped me to work on the national transport study. The lecturers were all top professionals in the field with different expertise. The classmates were from different transport sectors, and their working experience broadened my horizons. I hesitated before I quit my job to study the MATPP programme full-time but I have found my decision to be correct!!!"



Evelyn Zhang (Full-time) Class of 2012

"It is hard to say how my life would be like today if I hadn't chosen the MATPP programme one year ago. However, I am quite sure that if I hadn't undertaken the programme, I would have missed a valuable opportunity to learn from the professors and top transportation experts in Hong Kong and upgrade myself through a high-quality programme like this. Coming from mainland China, the programme was a starting point for me to establish my career and a new life in Hong Kong. More than that, I also enjoyed the great friendships with my dear classmates and the staff there. Although I cannot say that to undertake this programme was the best decision I have ever made, but it was certainly the right one.”


Rick Chung (Part-time) Class of 2012

"Working in the transport industry as an operator, the understanding of the industry itself is somehow limited. The comprehensive coverage of the MATPP programme regarding expertise like transport analysis and modelling, transport economics, transport project management, etc. provided a wider perspective for me to look at the industry. The stress of research methodology and dissertation writing guided me along the right path for continuous learning. It is certain that the knowledge from the MATPP programme has strengthened me to further develop in the industry."



Carlos Li (Part-time) Class of 2012

"How time flew! I can recall the day on which I missed the MATPP’s orientation day because of work. I knew that day was very important because I would be able to meet my classmates and understand the key facts about the course so as to lay down a good foundation before I started the programme. As expected, I did something improper. I recklessly enrolled for the two most difficult subjects in the same semester. In conjunction with that formidable dissertation, I couldn’t even take a breath at that time. Fortunately, I was still alive after that term. Therefore, don’t miss the orientation day however busy you are. In the whole course, I met a lot of intelligible and approachable classmates. When I studied with them, they were active and helpful so that we could complete all the group projects in an amazingly efficient manner. Among the group projects, I won’t forget the Central-Wanchai Bypass in which we had diverse opinions and a conflict of views in the sense that we thought we might not be able to reach a consensus. At the end of the day, we made a breakthrough and successfully did a good presentation. Through the debate, it rendered me a deeper understanding of what transport policy and planning is in real life. Today, I have completed the course and will keep this beautiful memory with me throughout my life. Before I put down my pen, I would like to take this chance to thank all of the professors, lecturers and classmates who accompanied me on this journey."


Paul Zimmerman (Part-time) Class of 2012

"Transport engineering and operations are the physical and economic backbone of our high-density city, and they have significant positive and negative impacts on livelihood and quality of life. The MATPP programme is a great way to learn from transport academics and practitioners, and connect with other like-minded students."


Philip Wong (Part-time) Class of 2011

"It is never an easy task for a part-time student like me to complete an intensive master course in two years. But with the generous support and encouragement from the teaching staff and other course mates, the MATPP study was really a very pleasant and memorable experience for me. The programme was a great help to my study. Its flexible structure allowed me to adopt my own pace of study and there was a good blend of academic theory and practical experience shared by leaders in the transport industry. The knowledge I gained from the course has definitely broadened my horizons and helped me to advance my career."


Kwan Hui (full-time) Class of 2011

"I definitely had one of the best times of my life during my time in HKU's MATPP programme. The courses and dissertation, which may have seemed daunting at first, were so worth undertaking (and worth the stressful, sleepless nights) because they ultimately expanded my research skills and knowledge of transport policy and planning, particularly in Hong Kong. I loved the fact that my professors encouraged critical thinking in class or group projects, which is obviously vital for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the management/administration/planning/policy fields. In addition, the diverse group of instructors and classmates made the programme appear like a mini-transport sector, so I loved every second of it, especially when working with others on team projects. Everyone was so friendly, approachable and always helpful too, which further made the experience unforgettable! Finally, if anyone is debating whether to join the next field trip class, consider joining because physically experiencing what's happening in the field is different from learning in classroom lectures by listening to practitioners. I'm very certain I grasped what transport policy and planning is truly about and how it fits under the umbrella of urban planning and policy making from the experience. Because of this, I feel competent and better-rounded than before in regard to joining the workforce and am more determined to pursue a PhD later in life. The programme also blessed me with life-long friends, so that's a bonus from what I paid for in tuition fees!!"



Lily Liu (full-time) Class of 2010

"I have grown up a lot within this year as an MATPP student. This programme did help me to grasp the full picture of transportation, especially the HK transport system. Meanwhile it was also such a spectacular experience to meet new people from different backgrounds there."


William Lui (Part-time) Class of 2009

"I would like to thank the teaching staff for the excellence of the MATPP programme. While solid transport planning knowledge like transport economics, engineering, survey and policy was gained through interactive lectures and seminars, the field trip to Shanghai allowed me to explore the actual development and operations of some major transport infrastructure, i.e. Pudong Airport, Electromagnetic Train System, Yangshan Port, etc.

The most valuable part of the programme was the dissertation, which developed my problem-solving skills. I am also happy to have made lots of new friends from different transport backgrounds during my study. I would highly recommend this programme without any hesitation to all who would like to pursue a career in the transport field. "


Jasmine Yuen (Part-time) Class of 2009

"The MATPP programme provided me with comprehensive knowledge of transport policy and planning. Also, studying MATPP was a crucial step for me to develop my career in the transport field. I am glad to have made friends with my classmates and met the lecturers, professors and doctors with different educational backgrounds and working experience in the transport industry."


Abel Yeung (Part-time) Class of 2007

"I enjoyed my study here where I acquired professional knowledge in transport planning and met some very good friends from different areas of the transport field. The preparation of my dissertation was also a new and exciting experience for me to try to examine a topic using a systematic and scientific approach as well as to present my ideas. I consider that the MATPP programme is indeed an excellent programme for both transport executives and persons interested in transportation systems."



Daniel Hue (Part-time) Class of 2005

"In the 2-year MATPP programme, the most enjoyable things for me were not only the transport knowledge I learned, but also the new and sincere friendships established with my dear classmates from different academic and occupational backgrounds. We learned together, we shared together, we worked together towards one goal (in particular near the submission deadlines of assignments) and we sure played hard together! Also, I joined the field trip in Shanghai in October 2003, which was the most memorable occasion during the programme. Led by Dr. James Wang and Ms. Zina Wong, our MATPP instructors, we met a number of government officials and visited some major transport infrastructure and facilities in Shanghai. This definitely broadened my personal and career exposure."


John Ngo (Part-time) Class of 2005

  • "I learned how to write a well-organized and more concrete thesis/dissertation which could boost my writing skills in my daily business report writing.

  • In-depth knowledge of transport economics broadened my horizons on the essentialness of such topics as "cost and benefit" to the transport sector.

  • Team work spirit was gained from team work

  • Memorable and interesting presentation skills were learnt from some of the professors and lectures"

Paul Tsui (Part-time) Class of 2004

"The MATPP programme has deepened my technical skills and knowledge in Transport Planning & Policy. Professors were engaging and willing to provide guidance on my work. The programme offers a variety of core and elective subjects which enabled me to select subjects of my choice. I have no hesitation to recommend the programme to anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge in transport planning & policy.”


Francis Chan (Part-time) Class of 2002

"Joining the MATPP programme was an important step for my career development, as well as to broaden my professional knowledge and build a successful working network. It is a vital part of our life-long learning experience and I enjoyed the friendships with teaching staff and classmates."


Billy Cheung (Part-time) Class of 2001

“The MATPP programme has given me a comprehensive view of transport development and its related policy and planning from a multi-dimensional perspective. It consolidated my theoretical foundation. The programme inspired me and aroused my interest in the study of transport and logistics. The scope of the programme is quite wide and opened my eyes to various fields of transport and logistics. Of course, the certificate of MATPP is very helpful for my career development and makes me feel confident in this field.”


PS Leung (Part-time) Class of 2000

"The MATPP programme helped to broaden my knowledge of transport planning in different aspects. After graduation, joining the MATPP Alumni has also provided me opportunities to make friends with experts from different transportation fields."


James Yeung (Part-time) Class of 1999

“I had been in the airline business for 23 years when I took up the MATPP course in 1997. I had always wanted to upgrade myself academically in the transportation field and had been searching for some avenues to pursue this. However, there were no courses that really matched my requirements 100 percent, as I wished to blend my practical experience along with some theories in academia. The first MATPP programme came along in 1997 and I was really impressed by it. I thoroughly enjoyed the days on the MATPP programme. Not only did I find what I wanted, but I also cultivated great friendships through the programme. Ten years after graduation, we still fondly reminisce about it. Though it was hard work right from the start with Dr Loo, we indulged in the sharing and challenges every minute."


Raymond Leung (Part-time) Class of 1999

"This programme serves as a theoretical support for what I have done in the past and gives me confidence for what I shall carry out in the future."