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"The Importance of URBAN ECOLOGY"

The fateful year of 2012 marks two important watersheds in the history of the humankind. The human population reached a staggering if not mind-boggling 7 billion, and more than half of humanity lived in cities. The environmental quality and quality of life for several billion people significantly depend on the design and management of urban areas. Urbanization invariably incurs considerable degradation and destruction of nature. The huge ecological footprint of urbanization is stretching the resource base and life-supporting system of Mother Earth to their limits. The impact of climate change is anticipated to bring alarming consequences to nature and people. We cannot afford to wait or remain apathetic or insouciant.

Living in cities carries a nature deficit and an inordinately heavy burden on the environment. The preservation and creation of natural elements in cities, in the form of urban green infrastructure (UGI), could help to meliorate the grave impacts of massive human inroads. Many municipal authorities in different parts of the world are earnestly introducing timely and effective climate-change adaptations. Application of urban-ecology knowledge could enhance the quantity and quality of the multiple ecosystem services that could be bestowed by UGI. Such an approach demands truly interdisciplinary synergies amongst a broad spectrum of knowledge realms and stakeholders. The relatively young but burgeoning field of urban ecology could contribute to this bold endeavour.


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Green Roofs for Schools Project

With sponsorship from the Hong Kong Bank Foundation, 14 green roofs were designed and donated to 10 local schools. Knowledge transfer on green roof benefits, installation, and maintenance included community education, publications, and public seminars.


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Nature Conservation for Sustainable Societies
Trees for Green and Liveable Cities
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Physical Environment
Soils and the Environment
Human Impacts on Ecosystems
Biogeography and Environmental Management
Biogeography and Ecosystem Modifications
Natural Resources and Conservation
Vegetation in Urban Landscape Management
Nature Conservation for Sustainable Societies
Trees for Green and Liveable Cities


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