Why Study Geography in HKU?

  • Geography as a Subject

Geography is a diverse discipline offering a wide range of specialisms.  In the Department, students may take courses relating to the atmospheric environment and global climate, transport geography, urban planning, water resources, environmental hazards, China, biogeography, tourism, human and urban geography, geographic information systems and spatial analysis.  This diversity is important to students because it can lead to insights into issues that may not be possible in some other disciplines.

Geography is a relevant subject.  Many of the important issues facing communities and societies involve geography.  For example, sustainable development, climate change, natural hazards, economic/regional development, health, transportation and urbanization are all areas where geographers are actively participating.

Geography, as outlined later, is able to offer a range of important subject-based skills and transferable skills.  As such, it affords new challenges and skills to students and equips them for a large number of potential occupations.