Why Study Geography in HKU?

  • Admission to Geography at HKU

The Department of Geography does not offer direct admission to JUPAS applicants. Students could consider the following options in submitting their JUPAS applications if they are interested in studying Geography as a Major in HKU.

JUPAS applicants in the arts stream

With the strong intention to become a single (full) major in Geography, JUPAS applicants in the arts stream should, in the first instance, apply for admission to the Social Sciences Faculty of HKU to read the Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) (JUPAS Code: 6717) degree programme.  Upon admission to the Social Sciences Faculty, students can opt to become a Geography single major in their second- and third-years of studies.   Alternatively, students could choose to be a double major in Geography with another social sciences discipline.
On the other hand, JUPAS applicants in the arts stream wishing to double major in Geography plus one other arts disciplines at HKU, should apply for admission to the Arts Faculty to read the Bachelor of Arts (BA) (JUPAS Code: 6054) degree programme.  BA students can become a Geography double major in their second- and third-years of studies.

JUPAS applicants in the science stream

JUPAS applicants in the science stream could apply for admission into the Science Faculty to pursue a double major in Geography plus one science discipline under the Bachelor of Science (JUPAS Code: 6901) degree programme. 

JUPAS Applicants

You should apply through JUPAS (Joint University Programmes Admissions System) if:
  • you are a current Secondary Form 6 student in a local school sitting for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)
Details of the JUPAS scheme can be found in the JUPAS Guide.  For more details and enquiries, please refer to the JUPAS web-site at: http://www.jupas.edu.hk.

Non-JUPAS Applicants and International Students

Students may also apply for entry under the Non-JUPAS scheme if:
  • you are applying for admission on the strength of qualifications other than Hong Kong local examination results, or
  • you are currently enrolled in a full-time or sandwich bachelor’s degree programme in any of the eight government-funded tertiary institutions in Hong Kong (regardless of whether you wish to apply based on your HKALE results).
If you wish to apply under the Non-JUPAS Scheme, you should send your application directly to the Registry at the University of Hong Kong, along with the supporting documents.  Further information on the scheme can be found on the University web-site, including the admission form, at: http://www.als.hku.hk/admission/non-jupas.