Second Major/Minor in Urban Governance

  • Objective

    We live in a rapidly urbanizing world where the time-space dimensions have been compressed by the rapid development of new cities and urban re-development. The land use and urban form of cities have been substantially shaped by different priorities in urban development, among other factors. The urbanization process and the development of modern cities have brought tremendous impacts on both the physical and human geography of contemporary societies. The increasing degree of urbanization around the world has prompted questions over the long-term sustainability of cities and extended urban regions. The pursuit of sustainability in cities, in both developed and developing countries, has forced a reassessment of the form and pattern of urban development, governance, planning, and management. The broad spectrum of courses included in this programme will provide students with a systematic understanding of the basic approaches and key theories of urban governance, planning, and management. Students will receive thorough training in the application of such knowledge to urban governance, planning, urban environmental management, and transport planning issues in Hong Kong, China’s mainland, and the East Asia region. They will be prepared to pursue careers in the fields of urban governance, urban development, urban planning, urban environmental management and transport policy and planning.