"Option of Specialization" for Geography Major

  • Tourism & Leisure

    The tourism and leisure services sector has experienced the fastest growth among the world industries for the past few decades. Entertainment, recreation, and travel businesses all boost Hong Kong's leisure appeal as a "City of Life". Theme parks, shopping and recreation complexes, leisure clothing and gourmet foods not only indicate how pervasive leisure has become in the economy of Hong Kong but also support the SAR government's strategic plan to strengthen Hong Kong's leisure appeal for global tourism marketing. With the CEPA arrangements gradually coming into practice, the prospect of Hong Kong's tourism and leisure services sector is looking particularly promising. The 'Tourism & Leisure' Option offers a broad selection of courses which provide students with basis for a comprehensive understanding of the tourism and leisure services system. Through lectures, directed projects, fieldwork and self-guided learning, students are led to explore all aspects of both the private and public sectors related to the tourism and leisure services sector, such as theories, planning, environmental concerns, operations, and the interrelationships among them. This option offers an excellent opportunity for those who wish to become managers, administrators, educators, and researchers, in the tourism and leisure services industry of Hong Kong and China in the 21st century.