"Option of Specialization" for Geography Major

  • Environment & Resources

    The global environment and society's knowledge and perceptions of it are undergoing rapid changes. A basic tenet of environmental study is that all things are inter-connected, part of a synergistic whole, and that the consequences of disruption in one part have knock-on effects throughout the whole system. Increasingly, human action, for good or ill, is being identified as a key component in the operation of the Earth system and its component parts. The 'Environment & Resources' Option offers an excellent selection of courses, which provide students with the basis for a sound understanding of our current knowledge of environmental systems and processes as well as the integration of the human dimension into the relationship. By means of carefully balanced combinations of lectures, directed projects, fieldwork and self-guided learning, students will be suitably equipped to identify, analyze and provide solutions to everyday practical and contemporary environmental problems. In addition, they will have the opportunity to acquire skills which will enable them to bring a holistic approach to bear in problem-solving and decision-making which is highly valued by discerning employers.