"Option of Specialization" for Geography Major

  • China & the Pacific Rim

    Dramatic social and economic transformation of China, one of the most populous and quickly developing nations of the world, has been a major historical event of the twentieth century that is likely to engender far-reaching impacts on human society in this millennium. At this historical juncture, demand for knowledge of what is taking place in China and its global implications are greater than ever before. The 'China & the Pacific Rim' Option responds to such a demand by bringing together a group of well organized courses to address issues that have great theoretical significance and practical application. Students are introduced to important ideas and advanced techniques for understanding the transformation of China, the role it plays in the world, the interaction between the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the locational characteristics of investment and development, and the implications of changes in China for the formulation of effective international business strategy and government policies. The option offers an excellent choice for those who wish to pursue a career and explore the tremendous opportunities related to economic development in China.