• How to Become a Geography Major

The Geography curriculum is structured in such a way that first year students are given the chance to explore the geography discipline for their academic interests. Geography offers a total of six 6-credit Introductory (Level 100) courses for students to pursue.

Introductory ‘Core’ courses

  GEOG1012 Economic and social development in an urbanizing world (6 credits)
  GEOG1016 Nature conservation for sustainable societies (6 credits)
  GEOG1017 Human geography in a globalizing world (6 credits)

Introductory ‘Elective’ courses

  GEOG1002 Hong Kong: land, people and resources (6 credits) 
  GEOG1003 Contemporary global environmental issues (6 credits)
  GEOG1005 Map use, reading and interpretation (6 credits)

Students of the Faculties of Social Sciences, Arts and Science can choose to declare their major in Geography after completing their first year of study. In order to become Geography majors, students are required to successfully complete one Introductory ‘Core’ 6-credit geography course in their first year of study. In order to have a wider basic knowledge for pursuing their studies as Geography majors, first-year students are strongly advised to successfully complete two Introductory level geography courses (one of which must be a ‘Core’ course).