Disciplinary Major/Minor in Geography

  • Programme Structure *4-year Cohort

    The Geography curriculum is structured to permit students to explore the geography discipline, through studying a range of courses, in pursuit of their academic interests and future career development. Courses are taught in the form of lectures, discussion classes, fieldwork and/or practical classes.  Courses are assessed by either a combination of coursework and examination or by 100% coursework.  Under the curriculum, much flexibility is permitted in the choice of courses so that students can exert control over the direction of their study.  Students should consider their career aspirations when making their choice.

    Disciplinary Major (single or double) or Minor in Geography
    (For new 4-year cohort of students admitted)

      No. of credits




    (a) ‘Core’ Introductory course    
    i) Disciplinary 6 6
    ii) Pre-requisites* 12 -
    (b) Advanced courses    
    i) Core course 6 -
    ii) Disciplinary electives 42 30
    iii) Capstone experience 6 -
    iv) Social innovation and global citizenship^ 24 -

    * Candidates who opt to declare two major programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, the pre-requisites of the majors should not be double-counted.

    ^ Candidates who opt to declare double majors in China Social Science, Geography, Politics and Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work and Social Administration are allowed to undertake 24 credits of courses listed under the Faculty of Social Sciences syllabuses, including the social sciences and non-social sciences courses, to fulfil the Faculty off-campus learning courses for the second major.

    Candidates who wish to Major (96 credits) or Minor (36 credits) in Geography must complete:

    (a) Introductory course

    (18 credits for major; 6 credits for minor) - to be taken in Years 1-2

    i) One disciplinary course from the following list:

      GEOG1012 Economic and social development in an urbanizing world (6 credits)
      GEOG1016 Nature conservation for sustainable societies (6 credits)
      GEOG1017 Human geography in a globalizing world (6 credits)

    ii) Two pre-requisite courses from the following 6 units, but not more than one from a single unit (12 credits):

    • Faculty of Social Sciences
    • Politics and Public Administration
    • Psychology
    • Social Work and Social Administration
    • Sociology

    (b) Advanced courses

    (78 credits for major; 30 credits for minor) - to be taken in Years 2-4

    i) Core course (a minimum of 6 credits for major) - Applicable to 2016-17 intake and thereafter.

    Geography majors should take one (or preferably two), of the following core methods-related courses:

    GEOG2090 Introduction to geographic information systems (6 credits)
    GEOG2120 Introductory spatial analysis (6 credits)
    GEOG2130 Field methods in geography (6 credits)
    GEOG2137 Introduction to research design (6 credits)

    Geography majors, once having met the 6 credits of core requirement, can take another course from the above list to fulfill the disciplinary elective requirement. 

    The above list of core courses are available to Geography minors or other students as electives.

    ii) Disciplinary electives (a minimum of 42 credits for major; 30 credits for minor)

    These advanced elective courses are offered as Level 200, 300 and 400 courses to provide students with academic progression. Students are advised to take at least 18 credits of Level 200 courses (excluding 6 credits of core methods-related course) for their declared major.

    iii) Capstone experience (6 credits for major only, to be taken in Year 4) - Applicable to 2016-17 intake and thereafter.
    GEOG4001 Overseas field trip (6 credits – compulsory*)
    GEOG4002 Directed project in geography (6 credits – optional, can be counted for fulfilling disciplinary elective.)
    GEOG4003 Honours dissertation (12 credits – optional, can be counted for fulfilling disciplinary elective.)

    * The GEOG4001 course is a compulsory capstone experience course that all Geography majors must take to fulfill the programme requirement. In the event of time conflict with other required academic activities, the candidate can apply for deferring the overseas field trip participation towards the end of Year 4 of study before graduation (see the GEOG4001 course description for details).

    iv) Social Innovation and Global Citizenship (24 credits)

    For BSocSc students (Faculty off-campus learning courses)
    Students are required to undertake 24 credits of off-campus learning under the twin themes Social Innovation and Global Citizenship as a condition of graduation.  To fulfil the Social Innovation requirement, candidates MUST either complete FOSS2018 or a combination of FOSS4003 and FOSS2021. To fulfil the Global Citizenship requirement, candidates MUST either complete FOSS2019, FOSS2020, undertake 12 credits of advanced courses on exchange studies or on an overseas summer programme approved by the Faculty. Candidates may complete a maximum of 30 credits of experiential learning (internship) during their studies.

    FOSS2018 Social Innovation internship (12 credits)
    FOSS2019 Global Citizenship internship (12 credits)
    FOSS2020 Global Citizenship summer institute (12 credits)
    FOSS2021 Comparative East Asian Studies internship (6 credits)
    FOSS4003 The political economy of global Asia (6 credits)

    For non-BSocSc students
    Students are required to undertake 24 credits of courses listed under the Faculty of Social Sciences syllabuses, including the social sciences and non-social sciences courses.

    Please click here for full list of courses