Research Themes

The Department strategically groups the research interests and expertise of its staff members under three major research areas, namely ‘China Studies’, ‘Environment, Resources & Tourism’ and ‘Urban & Transport Studies’, which are aligned with university-level strategic research themes respectively on Contemporary China and Sustainable Environment. Capitalizing on its geographical location and propinquity to China, the Department focuses on in-depth probing of fundamental issues with applications and implications to China and Hong Kong. Emphasis is placed on obtaining peer-reviewed competitive grants from the RGC and other government-external sources, supplemented by other grants and donations. Besides contributing to knowledge, the studies aim at knowledge-transfer to influence government policies and decisions and to improve community welfare. It strives to recruit and retain research-capable staff and admit high-quality research students to expand the capability and repertoire of the existing team. Its goal is to become a leading research centre on contemporary China geography and sustainable urban development.

Please click the names of individual staff for detailed information of their research interests.

A = China Studies (including Hong Kong)
B = Environment, Resources & Tourism
C = Urban & Transport

P = Primary interest
S = Secondary interest

Staff A B C
W.Y. Chen P P S
C.Y. Jim P P S
P.C. Lai P S P
H.F. Lee P P  
J.B. Li P P  
Y.P. Li P P  
G.C.S. Lin P   P
A.Y.H. Lo P P  
B.P.Y. Loo P   P
C.N. Ng P P  
J.X. Qian P   P
L.S. Ran P P  
D.D. Zhang P P  
J.J. Zhang P P  
S.X. Zhao P   P
P.Y. Zhu P   P