Research Postgraduate Theses

  • PhD

    (Running Total: 70)

Year Name of student Thesis title
2015 LI, Linna The role of railways in sustainable transport: A case study of China
2014 PEI, Qing Climate change and human migration in historical China over the past two millennia
2014 CHEUNG, Chi Shing Calvin Using statistical downscaling to project the future climate of Hong Kong
2014 LENZER JR James Hans From path creation to path dependence in international financial centre development: the emergence of the entrepreneurial financial firm
2014 YAN Tsz Leung Spatio-temporal modeling and forecasting of air quality data
2014 WANG, Yu The embeddedness of governing the commons: a game theoretic perspective on cooperation, coordination and trust in water sharing interactions
2014 WU, Yuhao Motorcycle safety in developing countries: a case study of Maoming, China
2014 WONG, Pui Yun Paulina A GIS approach to analyzing the urban microclimate variation and the urban heat island phenomenon in Hong Kong
2014 LOW, Chein Tat Does place have an effect on the traditional Chinese medicine concept of body constitution
2014 DENG, Huijuan Ecological benefits and species selection of tropical extensive green roofs
2014 LEE, Ka Yin Anna Urban governance and cultural heritage conservation in Guangzhou
2014 LIU, Shuwen Assessing livelihood impacts of tourism: Case studies of Hong Kong and Mainland China
2013 PENG, Lihua Green-roof thermal effects in the context of climate change and sustainable urban design
2013 VONG, Tze Ngai Casino boom in Macau: exploring casino liberalization’s impact on Macau resident’s sense of place and their satisfaction and support for casino development
2013 XU, Xu The role of the states in developing Chinese gateways: The case of Ningbo in the Yangtze River Delta
2013 YAO, Shenjun Advances in spatial analysis of traffic crashes: the identification of hazardous road locations
2012 LAM, Wing Yee Winnie Individual mobility for socially sustainable transport
2012 WONG, Ho Ting Biometeorological modelling and forecasting of ambulance demand for Hong Kong: A spatio-temporal approach
2011 KWONG, Kim Hung Spatio-temporal transmission modelling of an infectious disease - a case study of the 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong
2011 FOK, Lincoln Investigation of sediment properties and provenance in the East River (Dongjinag), China
2011 YANG, Aijun Visitors' perception of the natural environment: A case of Laojunshan Mountain Areas, China
2010 WANG, Chen Spatial perspective on sustainable transport under population decentralization: A case of Hong Kong
2010 KWONG, Kim Hung Understanding China's ICT industry: State-firm strategic coordination and the geography of technological innovation
Year Name of student Thesis title
2009 SHAN, Xizhang Urban green spaces in Guangzhou (China): attitude, preference, use pattern
2009 LAW, Man Yee Application of landscape ecology to the evaluation of vegetation changes in the Pearl River Delta
2009 LA,I Kun Effects of mega-events on destination images: towards a theory via "Problem-centric approach" - examining the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
2008 LEE, Fung Climate change and Chinese population growth dynamics over the last millennium
2008 ZHENG, Yanting China's extended metropolitan regions: formation and delimitation
2008 TIAN, Yuhong Landscape ecological assessment and planning of urban green space in Hong Kong
2008 CHAN, Wing Ho Michael Urban development and evolution in Hong Kong: reciprocity between nature and culture
2007 WANG Tan Headquarters strategic location of multinational corporations and super service hubs development
2007 HU, Zhiyong Placing China's state-owned enterprises: firm, region and the geography of production in China
2007 YU, Xijun A landscape approach to strategic environmental assessment for spatial planning
2007 YANG, Fan Fiona Understanding the uneven growth of service industries in China: state, market, and the changing geography of consulting services
2006 CHEN, Yan Assessing the services and value of green spaces in urban ecosystem: A case of Guangzhou City
2006 YANG, Yanfeng Felix Land use changes and ecological rehabilitation: A case study in the reservoir region of the Three Gorges project in China
2006 YAN, Ka Lok Colette Systematic evaluation of the management and performance of public urban trees in Hong Kong
2006 OLIVIER, Daniel The globalisation of port business: an Asian perspective
2004 TANG, Yuk King Alice Development of environmental citizenship in students in Hong Kong
2003 SHI, Changxing Sediment flux through the Yellow River sediment routing system
2002 CHEN, Shuang Urban forestry and greening strategies: the case of Nanjing, China
2002 XU, Shaowei People and park conflicts in China: an observation from Shimentai Nature Reserve in Yingde, Guangdong Province
2000 CAI Jian-ming Economic globalization and world cities in China: a case study of urban transformation and spatial division – Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong
2000 LIU, Wei-dong Geography of China’s auto industry: globalisation and embeddedness
2000 MAK, Shuk-han Ann Automating knowledge acquisition and site-selection in a generic knowledge-based GIS system – a theoretical study
2000 RUSE, Mark An investigation of Caesium-137 at reference locations in Hong Kong
Year Name of student Thesis title
1999 ONODERA, Jun Urban formation in China during the economic reform era: a case study of the Pearl River Delta region
1998 LIU, Hung-to Urban forestry in China: a biogeographical study in Guangzhou city
1998 LOO, Pui-ying Becky Transport and regional development: a case study of the Zhujiang Delta under the open policy
1997 WONG, Fook-yee Recreational use of Hong Kong country parks: an analysis of patterns and demand
1996 WANG, Wei Some aspects of bay bar development in Hong Kong
1996 YANG, Chun Foreign investment and urbanization: a case of the post-1978 Pearl River Delta, China
1995 BRIMICOMBE, Allan J. Uncertainty and fitness-for-use in handling aerial photographic interpretive data in geographical information systems
1994 GUAN, Dong-sheng A study of primary productivity and nutrients in the grassland, fernland and scrubland of Hong Kong
1993 YEUNG, Ka-ming The establishment and survival of roadside trees in Hong Kong
1992 LI, Xiubin A spatial decision support system for land-use planning: a case study of the upper Gongyi River catchment, Guangdong, China
1991 CHEN, Xiurong Jenny Regional imbalance in exploitation of natural resources for crop farming in indonesia: a study in agricultural geography in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan
1991 LEE, Shu-wing Ernest Idealism and pragmatism - lessons from new town public transport planning in Hong Kong
Year Name of student Thesis title
1988 YEUNG, Kwok-wai Albert A photogrammetric land information system for urban analysis: a study of the development of Kowloon from 1964 to 1979
1984 COMTOIS, Claude Spatial integration and modernization process: a case study of China
1984 KONG, Che-wing Quantification of tropical cyclone steering
1980 PUN, Kwok-shing Decentralization versus resource-conserving development: a study of their relevance in the formulation of a development policy in Hong Kong
Year Name of student Thesis title
1979 RICHARDS, Stewart Frank Population and employment change during industrialization: the case of Hong Kong
David William
Housing needs and policies for cities in developing countries with special reference to Hong Kong
1973 WILLIAM, Allan Thomas Some beach changes at selected bays in Hong Kong
1972 VEILLEUX, Louis The paper industry in China from 1891 to the Cultural Revolution
1972 WONG, Chen-ta Vegetable farming in Hong Kong: a study in agricultural geography
1971 CHIN, Ping-chuen Rainfall in Hong Kong
1971 PRYOR, Edward An assessment of the need and scope for urban renewal in Hong Kong
Year Name of student Thesis title
1965 NG, Cheuk-yiu Land and people in Tung Chung Valley: an example of rural land use in Hong Kong