Research Postgraduate Theses

  • MPhil

    (Running total: 106)

Year Name of student Thesis title
2014 WONG, Kwan Lam Gwendolyn The mitigating effect of substrate depth on green roof stormwater discharge
2014 YUE, Pak Hong Ricci Assessing the standard and perception on visibility for tourists and local people in Hong Kong
2014 Fung, Charmaine Kai Wing Visitor perceptions and experiences of the Hong Kong Geopark
2014 Du VERLE, Frederic Daniel Geographical variability of transit-oriented development in Hong Kong
2014 WU Huayu, Kristy Stakeholder Engagement in Chinese World Heritage Tourism: The Case of Fujian Tulou Tourism
2014 KWONG, Yim Ming Mall as leisure space: A comparative analysis of perceptions between Hong Kong residents and Mainland visitors in shopping malls in Hong Kong
2013 YUAN, Zhen A multiproxy reconstruction of precipitation variability of China for the last two millennia
2012 ZHANG Yueming Institutional changes and land development in Chinese cities: a case study of Beijing, 1996-2008
2011 SIU Leong Wai Quantifying the Urban Heat Island (UHI) intensity in Hong Kong
2011 CHENG Hon Ting Amy Understanding rail-based transit-oriented development: the dynamics of metro systems, population and income growth
Year Name of student Thesis title
2009 LO Yu Hong An exploratory study of the multiple values and roles of urban green spaces in Hong Kong
2009 YU Peng Air pollution and respiratory disease incidence of Guangzhou, 2003-2004: A case study of spatial interpolation methods using GIS
2009 LEE Ka Yin Anna Controlling vechicular emissions in China in an era of rapid motorization: A case study of Guangzhou
2009 YI Fangxin Urban land development and local public finance in post-reform China: A case study of Jiangsu Province, 1990-2006
2009 WANG Huangji Cross-listing, coporate governance and financial centre cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainalnd China
2008 LIAO Haifeng Industrial clustering of Taiwanese electronics firms in Dongguan, China
2008 LUK Yim Mei Sport tourism and public health: the implications of the 4th East Asian Games for Hong Kong
2008 LOW Chien Tat An exploratory study of environmental risk factors to elderly falls in Hong Kong - A GIS case study of Mongkok
2007 WONG Wing Sze Water chemistry in the Kam Tin Basin, natural and anthropegenic influences
2007 LOH Kwai Lam Hillslope circum-harbour afforestation plan in Hong Kong (HKCAP)
2007 WAN Wai San Dynamics of the CBD of Hong Kong: spatial and functional changes
2007 XIE Liou A transitional city in China - Shenzhen in 1980-2005
2006 KONG Shu Piu Carbon and nitrogen content of suspended matter in a headwater catchment in Hong Kong
2006 CHENG Chung Yan The ableist city: The making of an unjust urban landscape and its consequence in Hong Kong
2006 KWONG Kim Hung An evaluation of 3D-GIS as a public engagement tool in environmental impact assessment
2006 TSUI Mio Kuan Pedestrian crashes in commercial and business areas: a case study of Hong Kong
2005 LAI Wing Man Industrial clusters and local competitiveness: a case study of Dongguan, China
2005 YEUNG Choi Shan The impact of rising environmentalism on urban planning practices in Hong Kong
2005 LI Zhijie Expert system rules for the classification of road intersections and turns in Hong Kong
2004 CHAN, Shui Yum Globalization and its impact on economic change and urban structure: a case study of Hong Kong, 1980-2000
2004 LEE, Fung Lay environmental perceptions and their policy implications for mitigating desertification in Minqin County, Gansu Province
2004 LO, Lap Bong Raymond Opportunities and constraints of heritage tourism development in Hong Kong: a case study of Kam Tin
2004 LEUNG, Cheuk Nga Denise An evaluation of the effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment in Hong Kong with special reference to ecological impacts
2004 TSE, Hau Ming Pauline Cross-border movement of people from Hong Kong to Guangdong Province, China, 1996-2001
2003 CHAN, Ka Wing A GIS approach to spatial analysis of crime in urban areas: a case study of Mongkok, Hong Kong
2003 NG, Kit Ying A geomorphological investigation of landslides at Tai To Yan, Hong Kong, with special reference to relationships between landsliding and drainage development
2003 SO, Fun Mun An aplication of geographic information systems in the study of spatial epidemiology of respiratory diseases in Hong Kong, 1996-2000
2003 TANG, Sze Man Farmland conservation in Hong Kong's rural hinterland: conflicts and potentials
2003 WONG, Yan Ping Agnes The geography of internet production and consumption in the Asia-Pacific
2003 YU, Sherman A study of sustainability indicator: Hong Kong's ecological footprint
2003 YUEN, Ying Hei Urban soil pollution by heavy metals in public greenspaces in Hong Kong: profile and particle-fraction distribution
2002 CHAN, Lai Ying Recycling municipal solid waste: problems and prospect
2002 FOK, Lincoln Sediment and solute loads in a small Hong Kong stream
2002 HO, Wing Yan Cherry An institutional approach to airport development in the greater Pearl River Delta region
2002 HUNG, Chui Shan Bonnie Human impact on the structure and water status of urban park soils in Hong Kong
2002 LUK, Wai Ki Elvis The production of urban living space in Hong Kong: a study on adolescents’ outdoor environment
2002 NG, Koi Yu Adolf Port operation, reform and governance: the case study of China
2002 PANG Mei Yee The nature and magnitude of soil compaction in different human-modified habitats in Hong Kong
2002 YAU, Hiu Yu Natural terrain landslides and drainage network development of Hong Kong: a geomorphological perspective
2001 CHAN, Wing-ho Michael Characteristics and genesis of soils in Hong Kong’s fung shui woodlands
2001 CHAN Wing Yee An application of GIS for road accident analysis in Hong Kong
2001 FUNG, Lai-kuen An investigation of the stream water chemistry in a small drainage basin in Shek Kong, Hong Kong
2001 LAU, Po-chun Candy Foreign investment in south China: a comparative study of Guangdong and Fujian Provinces, 1979-97
2001 PO, Pui-man Karen Bus routing strategies in a transit oriented city: a case study of Kowloon Motor Bus (1975-1996)
2001 SIN, Mun-yee Mandy Biogeography of urban greenery: a case study of Tai Po New Town in Hong Kong
2000 HO, Lee-kin Joe Incorporating GIS and CAD technologies in the modelling of three-dimensional urban landscapes of Hong Kong
2000 HO, Sau-ming Seraphina Soil conditions in landscape tree planters in urban Hong Kong
2000 HUI, Kit-ling Elaine An investigation of the GIS approach in siting potential locations for land reclamation in Hong Kong
2000 LEUNG Tsui-shan Sharon A functional analysis of GIS for slope management in Hong Kong
2000 NG, Yuk-yin Judith Soil moisture and related edaphic properties of street-tree pits in urban Hong Kong
2000 WONG, Yuk-ping Emily A comparative study of the travel behaviour of residents in Shatin and Tuen Mun: an activity-based approach
2000 YEUNG, Oi-yan Cindy A geography of post-disaster recovery: a case study of the Japanese experience following the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake
2000 YIP, Chiu-wah Regina The impact of new town development on urban trees in Hong Kong
Year Name of student Thesis title
1999 YIP, Wai-chee Dorothy System analysis and design for the development of a real-estate business GIS in Hong Kong
1999 HO, Ching-yee Christina The biomonitoring of heavy metal pollution in the wood and leaf chemistry of urban trees in Hong Kong
1999 LAU Yan-yan The impact of trampling on the soil and vegetation in Hong Kong country parks: experimental and monitoring studies
1998 LAM, Shan-shan Vicky Network and urban form analyses: an approach to routing bus transit in geographic information systems
1998 NGAI, Yuen-yi Helen Soil genesis and vegetation growth in pulverized fuel ash and refuse landfills capped by decomposed granite
1998 CHU, Kut-fai Michael Speed competition in an affluent and densely-populated city:  a case study of bus transport in Hong Kong
1998 CHEUNG, Kin-wai Norman Understanding and forecasting interannual variability of tropical cyclone activity in the Western North Pacific Ocean
1997 YAU, Fung-yee Soils and afforestation in the Shing Mun Country Park, Hong Kong
1997 CHAN, Sau-hung June Population mobility and government policies in Post-Mao China
1995 LEE, Shun-wa Soil and management of sports turf: a case study in Hong Kong
1995 SWANSON, Lyneita Hong Kong migrants to Canada: a micro-analytical approach
1995 IP, Hing-fong Emily Historical geography of the walled villages of Hong Kong
1994 NG, Ka-wing Simon Cross border freight traffic congestion: the Hong Kong-Shenzhen case
1993 CHAN, Oi-ping A biogeographical survey of wall vegetation in urban Hong Kong
1993 LAI, Ying-wai Steve A study of urban park soils and user impacts in Hong Kong
1991 YEUNG, Chi-ling Roadside ruderal vegetation: a case study in Hong Kong
1991 PUN, Kin-shing Transportation and socio-economic development in a resource-based region: the case of Hainan Island
1991 LEE, Cho-min The tectonic framework of Hong Kong and vicinity and its relationship to regional seismicity
1990 CHAN, Ka-yan The role of migration in China's regional development: a local study of Southern China
Year Name of student Thesis title
1989 SINGH, Samar J.T. The aetiology of collision: an exploratory study in Hong Kong waters
1989 WANG, Jixian Optimation of coal transportation in planned development: a case study of Shanxi, China
1988 CHENG, Tze-shan Trend forecasting of tropical cyclone behaviour using Eigenvector analysis of the relationship with 500 HPA pattern
1988 KAN, Kwok-chee Joshua Cognitive distance scaling methodologies: a comparative study in Hong Kong
1987 HODDER, Rupert Nigel William Some dynamics of peri-urban vegetable farming in China
1987 TSUI, Sui-wah Anita Locational decisions of residential developer: the New Territories case
1986 CHOW, Siu-choi Joseph An evaluation of models for the estimation of hourly global solar irradiation in Hong Kong
1986 OU-YANG, Chiu-mei A mineralogical study of Burmese jadeite jade
1985 FUNG, Tung Land use and land cover mapping of Central Guangdong Province, China, with Landsat data
1985 BRIMICOMBE, Allan J. The application of geomorphological triangular data bases in  geotechnical engineering
1984 NAU, Pak-sun Joint systems in granites of Hong Kong Island and neighbouring areas of  Hong Kong
1980 MAK, Hon-tak Some aspects of litterfall and decomposition fuel accumulation in two plant stands in Taipo Kau forest reserve, New Territories, Hong Kong
Year Name of student Thesis title
1978 KONG, Che-wing The structure of the semi-perminent atmospheric system over Southeast Asia
1977 CHAU, Kwai-cheong Some aspects of nutrient cycling in two plant stands in Taipo Kau forest reserve, New Territories, Hong Kong
1977 TO, Ka-yan Beach profile and sediment changes in Tai Long Wan, Hong Kong
1975 CHU, Kim-yee David Some geographical implications of adaption to technological innovation: a study of containerisation in the port of Hong Kong
1974 LAM, Kin-che Some aspects of fluvial erosion in three small catchments, New Territories, Hong Kong
1973 FUNG, Chee-keung Bosco Commuting patterns of resettled squatters in Hong Kong: a geographical study
1973 HO, Seck-fun Hawkers in Mongkok: a study in retailing geography
1973 LEUNG, Wai-tung Tsuen Wan Town: a study of a new town in Hong Kong
1972 ROBERTS, David Cyffin The central business district of Hong Kong: problems of delimitation within an Asian city