Research Postgraduate Thesis

  • MA (Research)

    (Actual Total: 16)

Year Name of student Thesis title
1974 POON, Chung-shing Homes for the people: a study of popularity of public housing in Hong Kong
1973 SIT, Fung-shuen Victor Accommodation for small industry: a  Hong Kong case study with special reference to the rural areas
1972 HO, Kee-hau Some geomorphological problems of the Pat Sin Range and adjacent areas, North-Eastern Hong Kong       
1972 LUK, Sui-hung Some aspects of the form and origin of hillslopes in Western New Territories, Hong Kong
1971 CHAN, Hung-kwan A study of three major agricultural land uses in Northern Yuen Long
1971 TAM, Sai-wing Selwyn Landforms in Sai Kung Peninsula and the adjacent islands
Year Name of student Thesis title
1969 LEUNG, Chi-keung Internal public passenger transport in Hong Kong: a geographical approach
1969 WONG, Sui-kwong Luke A geographical study of squatter areas in the Victoria-Kowloon areas
1967 CHU, Ping-im The changing administrative pattern in the West River Basin of South China from 214 B.C. to A.D. 1661
1967 NG, Yen-tak Norman A land use study of Kam Tin - Pat Heung Plain
1967 PUN, Kwok-shing A survey of the climatological phenomena of typhoons of Western N. Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea with special reference to Hong Kong
1967 WOO, Ming-ko The influence and controls of climate and ecology on landforms, with special reference to the Castle Peak District
1966 LO, Chor-pang Some geographical aspects of demographic change in the New Territories, Hong Kong from 1911 to 1961
1964 LAI, Chuen-yan David Some geographical aspects of industrial development of Hong Kong since 1841
1961 CHIU, Tze-nang Land use in the eastern extremities of the New Territories, Hong Kong
1961 SO, Chak-lam Some geomorphological problems related to Hong Kong and the New Territories with special reference to the coastline