Major Research Grants

RGC General Research Fund (from 2000 onwards)

The Department has successfully obtained one or more RGC General Research Fund (formerly named CERG) awards consecutively in each academic year starting from the 2000/01 exercise.

Project Title Investigators Project Code Amount
Understanding Children’s Independent Mobility and Their Road-crossing Ability: Challenges and Opportunities in Hong Kong Prof Becky P.Y. Loo (PI) HKU 748912H $632,413
/2014 (36 mths)
Measuring and modelling Quality of Urban Life (QOUL) in Hong Kong – An Asian Perspective Dr P.C. Lai (PI) HKU 744113H $755,000
/2013 (36 mths)
Climate change, population growth, and population cycles in historical agrarian China: The influence of spatial scale and regional geographic context Dr. Harry F. Lee (PI) HKU 745113H $492,500
/2013 (24 mths)
China’s Urbanization in Question: Mega Events, Overdrawn Capital, and Uneven Urban Transformation in the Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou City-Regions Prof George C.S. Lin (PI) HKU 746413H $908,868
/2013 (36 mths)
Revisiting the “Three Ds” in Transit-oriented Development (TOD): A People-centred and Placed-based Perspective Prof Becky P.Y. Loo (PI) HKU 748912H

/2012 (36 mths)

Environmental externalities of river water pollution: a spatial hedonic modeling of the Pearl River in Guangzhou Dr Wendy Y. Chen (PI) HKU 840911H $673,696
/2012 (36 mths)
A cohort study for effects of environmental thermal stress and air pollution on mortality for the older population in Hong Kong Dr P.C. Lai (Co-PI)   $200,000
/2012 (24 mths)
"One River, Two Systems": issues of spatial integration and environmental management in the Shenzhen River Catchment Dr C.N. Ng (PI) HKU 750911H $510,600
Profiling and comparing ecotourists in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Dr Teresa C.H. Tao (PI) HKU 754511H


Forecasting daily ambulance demand using spatio-temporal models Dr P C Lai HKU 746210H Award $507,455
+On-cost $76118
Understanding and Enhancing the Mobility and Safety of Elderly Pedestrians Prof Becky P.Y. Loo (PI)
Dr KL Tsui (Co-Is)
HKU 749210H Award $573,637
+On-cost $86046
Landscape amenity preferences: A comparative hedonic study of residential housing in Hong Kong and Shenzhen Dr Wendy Y Chen (PI)
Prof C Y Jim (Co-I)
HKU 742009H $493,270
The Conservation of Cultural Heritage Assets in China: The Changing Role of the State in the Fast-Growing Metropolises of Guangzhou and Shanghai Dr Y S F Lee (PI)
Prof CWH Lo &
Dr J Wang (Co-I)
HKU 746409H $535,000
Transnational mobility, capital production and knowledge exchange: A study of research visits of Chinese scholars to Germany Dr Maggi Leung (PI) HKU 746909H $472,640
China’s new dynamics of urbanization: Land development and municipal finance in the Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou city-regions Prof George Lin (PI)
Prof C He &
Prof W Wu (Co-Is)
HKU 747509H $932,434
Developing Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) data files under climate change scenarios for use in building energy simulations: a case study of Hong Kong and California Dr Melissa A. Hart (PI) HKU 7439/08H $658,750
Rail-based Transit-oriented Development: Urban Structure and Geographical Characteristics Dr Becky P.Y. Loo (PI) HKU 7484/08H $540,360
Climate Change and War-peace Cycles in Eurasia in the Recent Human History Dr David Zhang (PI) HKU 7055/08P $293,700
Research on Hot Zones: Facing the Theoretical and Methodological Challenges Dr Becky P.Y. Loo (PI) HKU 7472/07H $852,792
A study of the urban-rural interaction and ecological consequences of urban growth in cities of the Pearl River Delta, China Dr C.N. Ng (PI) HKU 7487/07H $682,920
Assessing the ecological and conservation values of stone retaining walls Prof C.Y. Jim (PI) HKU7437/06H $536,800
China's new geography of information communication technology (ICT) industry: a study of Beijing, Shanghai-Suzhou, and Shenzhen-Dongguan city-regions Dr George Lin (PI) HKU7666/05H $690,288
/Sep 2005
From the black spot to "Black Zone" methodology in road safety research: a case study of Hong Kong Dr Becky P.Y. Loo (PI)
Dr W.S. Chan (Co-I)
HKU 7296/04H $624,750
/Aug 2004
Ice-age Tibetans and their living environment Dr David Zhang (PI)
Dr S.H. Li (Co-I)
Prof W.W. Huang (Co-I)
HKU 7243/04H $907,620
/Aug 2004
Industrial clustering of Hong Kong and Taiwan investment in Mainland China: case studies of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Dr C. Yang (PI) HKU 7238/04H $593,680
/Aug 2004
The impact of local and global factors on the development of cultural heritage management in Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China Dr Y.S.F. Lee (PI)
Dr H.Y. Lee (Co-I)
Dr L. DiStefano (Co-I)
Prof D.P.Y. Lee (Co-I)
Prof W. Logan (Co-I)
HKU 7310/03H $627,000
/Jul 2003
Rainfall pH and its changes on the Tibetan Plateau Dr David Zhang (PI) HKU 7123/02P $520,000
/Jul 2002
Improving air quality in Hong Kong: the views of public transport operators on sustainable transport Dr Becky P.Y. Loo (PI)
Dr S.C. Wong (Co-I)
Dr. T.D. Hau (Co-I)
HKU 7173/01H $528,300
/Aug 2001
China's economic transition and land use change Dr George Lin (PI)
Prof S.P.S. Ho (Co-I)
HKU 7219/00H $685,817
/Aug 2000

28 projects



RGC Early Career Scheme

Project Title Investigators Project Code Amount
Tree-ring reconstruction of spatio-temporal drought variability over the Pearl River basin for the past five centuries Dr. LI Jinbao (PI) 27300514 $554,257 (project grant)
+$50,000 (ECS Grant)
/2014 (36 mths)
Institutional and cultural sensitivities of public willingness-to-pay for river restoration: A comparative contingent valuation study in Guangzhou (China) and Flanders (Belgium) Dr Wendy Y. Chen (PI) HKU 759413H $789,232 (Project grant)
+$50,000 (ECS Grant)
/2013 (36 mths)
The Causal Mechanism of Drought in Northwestern China over the Past Millennium Dr.Harry  F. Lee  (PI) HKU 758712H $452,000
/2012 (24 mths)

3 projects



RGC Public Policy Research Funding Scheme

Project Title Investigators Project Code Amount
Hong Kong as logistics hub in global value chains: analysis and policies (2nd Round award) Dr James J Wang (PI) 
HKU 7013-PPR-2 $426,300

Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)/RGC Joint Research Scheme

Project Title Investigators Project Code Amount
Bilateral (Hong Kong): Joint initiatives between UK and Hong Kong higher education institutions - an examination of student and employer perspectives
(First Round award)
Dr Maggi WH Leung
Dr JL Waters
/University of Liverpool
RES-000-22-3000 $350,000
/Jan 2009
(18 months

Dr Becky Loo has also been awarded with an RGC Teaching Development Grants 2001-2004 “Integrating the Teaching of Transportation and Geographic Information Systems in Hong Kong's Tertiary Education” $1,470,000

Prof David Zhang "Wavelet analysis on the time-series of climate change and social crises in history" RGC Prestigious Fellowship Scheme Humanities and Social Sciences Panel 2012/2013 $766,330