MPhil & PhD

  • Staff Research Interest

Please click the names of individual staff for detailed information of their research interests.

A = China Studies (including Hong Kong)
B = Environment, Resources & Tourism
C = Urban & Transport

P = Primary interest
S = Secondary interest

Staff A B C
W.Y. Chen P P S
C.Y. Jim P P S
P.C. Lai P S P
H.F. Lee P P  
J.B. Li P P  
Y.P. Li P P  
G.C.S. Lin P   P
A.Y.H. Lo P P  
B.P.Y. Loo P   P
C.N. Ng P P  
J.X. Qian P   P
L.S. Ran P P  
D.D. Zhang P P  
J.J. Zhang P P  
S.X. Zhao P   P
P.Y. Zhu P   P