MPhil & PhD

  • Research Postgraduate Course

The Research Postgraduate coursework programme in the Department of Geography is comprised of the following two components:

(i) Two compulsory courses (A & B) offered by the Graduate School

(A) The Graduate School’s Core Course I – compulsory course entitled ‘Introduction to Thesis Writing’
(B)  The Graduate School’s Core Course II (consists of 1 compulsory module and 1 elective module)

  • 1 compulsory module entitled ‘Ethics and Research for Graduate Students’
  • 1 elective module - students are required to take one elective module from a list of modules offered

 (ii) Two departmental compulsory courses (C & D)

(C)   GEOGRAPHY's course entitled ‘GEOG6003 Research Colloquium’
(D)   GEOGRAPHY's course entitled ‘GEOG6007 Research Methods in Geography’

All MPhil and 4-year PhD students will be required to register for and complete these courses in the following manner:

  • M.Phil. students need to complete courses (A), (B), (C) and (D) in their first year of study. 
  • 4-year PhD students need to complete courses (A) and (B) in their first year of study, and the departmental courses (C) and (D) within the first 12-18 months of study.

To consult and seek guidance from their supervisors in selecting the appropriate modules offered in course (B).

GEOG6003 Research Colloquium

This is a full-year course to be offered in both first and second semesters.

(a) Course aims and objectives
The primary objective of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to learn from and share their research findings with each other as well as the teaching staff and guest speakers.

(b) Course syllabus:
This course is a formalized version of the existing Departmental Seminar Series (also known as ‘Postgraduate Seminars’).  The Department’s teaching staff and postgraduate students, as well as invited guest speakers outside of the Department, will make presentations of their research findings at these bi-weekly meetings, which are held throughout the academic year.  Students are required to attend a minimum of 24 hours of seminars in their first year of study.

(c) Mode of assessment:
The performance of the student’s own presentation, along with the student’s participation in the discussion at the research colloquium will be used as the basis for determining the grade of the students.  There will be no other course requirement and no final written examination.  The students are expected to obtain a passing grade, under a pass/fail grading system, in this course before they are allowed to proceed further in their studies.

GEOG6007 Research Methods in Geography

This is a one-semester course to be offered in either first semester or second semester.

(a) Course aims and objectives
This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental research concepts and methods in conducting research on geographical problems. 

(b)    Course syllabus:
The course, which meets once every week for two hours, will include lectures, classroom discussion, and student presentations.  The course is structured to help students go through the steps associated with the process of developing a research topic in a manner that facilitates the development of a defendable research proposal. Lectures of the course will cover the nature of geographical research, design and development of research questions, practical/conceptual differences between qualitative and quantitative research approaches, and writing-up and dissemination of research findings.  It is hoped that by the end of the course, students would have grasped the basic understanding of the process involved in developing a research framework to the production of a workable research proposal on geographical studies.

(c)    Mode of assessment:
Assessment will be in the form of written assignments and presentation (100% coursework)