MPhil & PhD

  • Introduction

    The Department runs a postgraduate research programme leading to MPhil, and PhD for local, Mainland China and overseas graduates with a view to advancing their knowledge and applying expertise to understand and solve real world problems. The MPhil study requires candidates to undertake critical study of a chosen area, whereas the PhD study demands candidates to accomplish a study which makes a significant contribution to knowledge deserving of publication.

    Since 1961, the Department has conferred 48 degree awards for PhD, 16 for MA (Research) and 95 for MPhil. The enrolment of research students as at July 2010 totals 22 PhD and 10 MPhil candidates. To facilitate their research activities, the Department provides studies with a full range of support in the form of strong supervisory staff, regular postgraduate seminars, and ready access to laboratory facilities and high-performance computing systems. At present, the Department has 14 faculty members, 1 Research Assistant Professor and 4 Post-doctoral Fellows from diverse backgrounds whose research interests straddle a wide spectrum of specialities in physical, human and regional geography, environmental studies, geographic information systems and spatial analysis.

    Applicants are advised to browse the ‘Staff Research Projects for Possible Research Degree Studies’ sub-link to find out the on-going/new research projects or general research interests of individual staff members before submitting their applications for admission to study.