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Dr. James J. Wang 王緝憲 副教授

BA People's Univ of China; MPhil HK; PhD Tor; FCIT
Associate Professor 

Office: 1009 
Phone: +852 3917-7026

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Dr. James Jixian WANG is associate professor, head of the Department. Born in Beijing, he received his B.Eco. from People's University of China, M.Phil. from HKU, and Ph.D. from University of Toronto. His research specialties lie in nodal transport development such as port, airport, and railway stations. He is council member of Hong Kong Society for Transport Studies, and Fellow of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. He has published widely in many internationally refereed journals and is editorial board member of Journal of Transport Geography and Transportmatrica. His recent sole-authored book Port-City Interactions and Development in China 《中國港口城市的互動與發展》was published by Southest University Press in 2010. As a portcity specialist, Dr Wang has participated in port-city planning projects and strategic studies for more than 25 Chinese and other Asian port cities and regions.

Research Interests

Transportation geography: travel behaviour modelling; time budget/use studies; urban public transport in Hong Kong and China; container port systems; high-speed train development and impacts.

Selected Publications

Wang, J.J., Rong, C., Xu, J. and Or, S.W.O. (2012) "The funding of hierarchical railway development in China", Research In Transportation Economics, 35(1), 26-33.

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Wang, J.J. (2011) "Entepreneurial Region and Gatway-making in China: A case study of Guangxi", In Hall, PV., McCalla, R, Comtois, C ... (et al)(Eds.), Integrating Seaports and Trade Corridors, Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 247-260.

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Scholarly Journal Editorship

Editorial board member of Journal of Transport Geography
Editorial board member of Transportmetrica
Guest Editor for Urban Planning International (Chinese)

Visiting Scholarship
Visiting Professor (2010-2012), Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design
Visiting Professor (2010-2012), Faculty of Urban Planning and Design, Peking University at Shenzhen