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Dr. Jinbao Li 李金豹 副教授

B.S., M.S. Lanzhou; PhD Columbia
Associate Professor 

Office: 1029 
Phone: +852 3917-7101 


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Dr. Jinbao Li received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physical Geography from Lanzhou University, China, and his PhD degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Columbia University, USA. His research centers on long-term variations in El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), the most powerful climate force on Earth, and the Asian monsoon, the most crucial climate system to the Asian community. He carries out diagnostic studies using both instrumental and proxy (tree-rings in particular) records to gain insights into long-term dynamics of the ENSO and the Asian monsoon systems and their impacts on society.

Research Interests
  • Long-term ENSO and monsoon dynamics
  • Large-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction
  • Drought variability over Asia and North America 
  • Dendroclimatology and dendroecology 
  • Postdoc Fellowship, International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa (09/2009-12/2012)
  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad (05/2007)
  • Faculty Fellowship of GSAS, Columbia University (09/2003 – 05/2009) 
Journal Reviews

Nature Climate Change, Chinese Science Bulletin, Climate Dynamics, Climatic Change, Dendrochronologia, Geophysical Research Letters, Global Change Biology, Global and Planetary Change, Holocene, Journal of IAWA, International Journal of Climatology, Journal of Climate, Journal of Geophysical Research, Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, Quaternary International, Science in China, Water Resources Research.

Selected Publications
Year 2017

Li, J., J. Shi, D. D. Zhang, B. Yang, K. Fang, and P. H. Yue, 2017: Moisture increase in response to high-altitude warming evidenced by tree-rings on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau. Climate Dynamics 48: 649-660.  [IF: 4.146] 

Huo, Y., X. Gou, W. Liu, J. Li, C. Zhang, and K. Fang, 2017: Climate–growth relationships of Schrenk spruce (Picea schrenkiana) along an altitudinal gradient in the western Tianshan Mountains, northwest China. Trees–Structure & Function 31: 429-439. [IF: 1.842] 

Li, T., and J. Li, 2017: A 564-year annual minimum temperature reconstruction for the east central Tibetan Plateau from tree rings. Global and Planetary Change 157, 165-173. [IF: 3.915]

Liu, Y., K. M. Cobb, H. Song, Q. Li, C.-Y. Li, T. Nakatuska, Z. An, W Zhou, Q. Cai, J. Li, S. W. Leavitt, C. Sun, R. Mei, C.-C. Shen, M.-H. Chan, J. Sun, L. Yan, Y. Lei, Y. Ma, X. Li, D. Chen, and H. W. Linderholm, 2017: Recent enhancement of central Pacific El Niño variability relative to last eight centuries. Nature Communications 8: 15386, doi: 10.1038/ncomms15386. [新浪网] [台視新聞] [每日頭條] [IF: 12.124]

Pei, Q., D. D. Zhang, J. Li, and H. F. Lee, 2017: Proxy-based Northern Hemisphere temperature reconstruction for the mid-to-late Holocene. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 130, 1043-1053.  [IF: 2.640]

Shi, J., J. Li, D. D. Zhang, J. Zheng, J. Shi, Q. Ge, H. F. Lee, Y. Zhao, J. Zhang, and H. Lu, 2017: Two centuries of April-July temperature change in southeastern China and its influence on grain productivity. Science Bulletin 62: 40-45.  [IF: 4.000] 

Shi, S., J. Li, J. Shi, Y. Zhao, and G. Huang, 2017: Three centuries of winter temperature change on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau and its relationship with the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. Climate Dynamics 49, 1305-1319.  [IF: 4.146] 

Year 2014

Li, J., S.-P. Xie, and E. R. Cook, 2014: El Niño phases embedded in Asian and North American drought reconstructions. Quaternary Science Reviews 85: 20-34. [IF: 4.571]

Fang K., D. Chen, J. Li and H. Seppä, 2014: Covarying Hydroclimate Patterns between Monsoonal Asia and North America over the Past 600 Years. Journal of Climate 27: 8017-8033. [IF: 4.904]

Fang K., F. Chen, A. Sen, N. Davi, W. Huang, J. Li, H. Seppä and E. Liang, 2014: Hydroclimate Variations in Central and Monsoonal Asia over the Past 700 Years, PLoS ONE 9: e102751. [IF: 3.534]

Year 2013
Li, J., S.-P. Xie, E. Cook, M. Morales, D. Christie, N. Johnson, F. Chen, R. D'Arrigo, A. Fowler, X. Gou, and K. Fang, 2013: El Niño modulations over the past seven centuries.Nature Climate Change 3: 822-826. [IF: 14.472] 
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Fang, K., D. Frank, X. Gou, C. Liu, F. Zhou, J. Li, and Y. Li, 2013: Precipitation over the past four centuries in the Dieshan Mountains as inferred from tree rings: An introduction to an HHT-based method. Global and Planetary Change 107: 109-118. [IF: 2.930] 

Shi, J., E. R. Cook, J. Li, and H. Lu, 2013: Unprecedented January-July warming recorded in a 178-year tree-ring width chronology in the Dabie Mountains, southeastern China. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 381: 92-97. [IF: 2.745]
Year 2012

Chen, Z., J. Li, K. Fang, N. K. Davi, X. He, M. Cui, X. Zhang, and J. Peng, 2012: Seasonal dynamics of vegetation over the past 100 years inferred from tree rings and climate in Hulunbei'er steppe, northern China. Journal of Arid Environments 83: 86-93. [IF: 1.723]

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, D. Frank, C. Liu, J. Li, and M. Kazmer, 2012: Precipitation variability during the past 400 years in the Xiaolong Mountain (central China) inferred from tree rings. Climate Dynamics (in press). [IF: 4.602]

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, C. Liu, N. Davi,  J. Li, Z. Zhao, and Y. Li, 2012: Tree-ring based reconstruction of drought variability (1615–2009) in the Kongtong Mountain area, northern China. Global and Planetary Change 80: 190-197. [IF: 2.930]

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, J. Li, F. Zhou, and Y. Li, 2012: Covariability between tree-ring based precipitation reconstructions in Northwest China and sea surface temperature of Indian and Pacific oceans. Climate Research 49: 17-27. [IF: 1.994]

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, E. R. Cook, J. Li, and Y. Li, 2012: Spatiotemporal variability of tree growth and its association with climate over Northwest China Trees–Structure & Function doi:10.1007/s00468-012-0721-8. [IF: 1.685]

Shi, J., J. Li, E. R. Cook, X. Zhang, and H. Lu, 2012: Growth response of Pinus tabulaeformis to climate along an elevation gradient in the eastern Qinling Mountains, central China. Climate Research doi:10.3354/cr01098. [IF: 1.994]

Xu, C., M. H. Turnbull, D. T. Tissue, J. D. Lewis, R. Carson, W. S. F. Schuster, D. Whitehead, A. S. Walcroft, J. Li, and K. L. Griffin, 2012: Age-related decline of stand biomass accumulation is primarily due to mortality and not to reduction in NPP associated with individual tree physiology, tree growth or stand structure in a Quercus-dominated forest. Journal of Ecology 100: 428-440. [IF: 5.044]

Year 2011
Li, J., S.-P. Xie, E. R. Cook, G. Huang, R. D’Arrigo, F. Liu, J. Ma, and X.-T. Zheng, 2011: Interdecadal modulation of El Niño amplitude during the past millennium. Nature Climate Change 1: 114-118. [IF: 14.472] 
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Fan, Z., A. Bräuning, A. Thomas, J. Li, and K. Cao, 2011: Spatial and temporal temperature trends on the Yunnan Plateau (Southwest China) during 1961–2004.International Journal of Climatology 31: 2078-2090. [IF: 2.906] 

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, E. R. Cook, J. Li, B. Buckley, and R. D'Arrigo, 2011: Large-scale precipitation variability over northwest China inferred from tree rings. Journal of Climate 24: 3457-3468. [IF: 4.097] 

Zhang, X., X. He, J. Li, N. Davi, Z. Chen, M. Cui, W. Chen, and N. Li, 2011: Temperature reconstruction (1750-2008) from Dahurian larch tree-ring in an area subject to permafrost of Inner Mongolia, Northeast China. Climate Research 47: 151-159. [IF: 1.994]
Year 2010

Li, J., E. R. Cook, F. Chen, X. Gou, R. D'Arrigo, and Y. Yuan, 2010: An extreme drought event in the Tien Shan area in the year 1945. Journal of Arid Environments74: 1225-1231. [IF: 1.723] 

Davi, N., G. Jacoby, K. Fang, J. Li, R. D'Arrigo, and N. Baatarbileg, 2010: Reconstructed drought across Mongolia based on a large-scale tree-ring network: 1520-1993. Journal of Geophysical Research 115, D22103, doi:10.1029/2010JD013907 [IF: 3.021] 

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, J. Li, R. D'Arrigo, E. R. Cook, T. Yang, and N. Davi, 2010: Reconstructed droughts for the southeastern Tibetan Plateau over the past 568 years and its linkages to the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean climate variability. Climate Dynamics35: 577-585. [IF: 4.602]

Fang, K., N. Davi, X. Gou, F. Chen, E. R. Cook, J. Li, and R. D’Arrigo, 2010. Spatial drought reconstruction for central high Asia based on tree rings. Climate Dynamics 35: 941-951. [IF: 4.602] 

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, R. D'Arrigo, and J. Li, 2010: Tree-ring based drought reconstruction for the Guiqing Mountain (China): Linkages to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. International Journal of Climatology 30: 1137-1145. [IF: 2.906] 

Fang, K., X. Gou, F. Chen, J. Li, R. D'Arrigo, E. R. Cook, T. Yang, W. Liu, and F. Zhang, 2010: Tree growth and time-varying climate response along altitudinal transects in central China. European Journal of Forest Research 129: 1181-1189. [IF: 1.982]

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Year 2009

Li, J., E.R. Cook, R. D'Arrigo, F. Chen, and X. Gou, 2009: Moisture variability across China and Mongolia: 1951-2005.Climate Dynamics 32: 1173-1186. [IF: 4.602] 

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Year 2008
Li, J., E.R. Cook, R. D'Arrigo, F. Chen, X. Gou, J. Peng, and J. Huang, 2008: Common tree growth anomalies over the northeastern Tibetan Plateau during the last six centuries: Implications for regional moisture change. Global Change Biology14: 2096-2107. [IF: 6.862] 

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Year 2007
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Year 2006
Li, J., X. Gou, E. R. Cook, and F. Chen, 2006: Tree-ring based drought reconstruction for the central Tien Shan area in northwest China. Geophysical Research Letters33, L07715, doi:10.1029/2006GL025803. [IF: 3.792] 

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Year 2002-05

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