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Prof. David Zhang
章典 教授

BSc Tech Inst of Guizhou; MSc SW China Normal; PhD Manc
Professor in Geography
Head of the Department of Geography
Editor, Progress in Physical Geography, (2013 Impact Factor: 3.885,
Now ranked 14/173in Geosciences, Multidisciplinary; 5/46 in Geography, Physical)
Famous Overseas Chinese Scholar, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Office: 1031
Office: +852 3917-7027

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Research Interests
Climate change and human history; geomorphology; environmental science and natural hazards; hydrology and hydrochemistry; Quaternary science; physical environmental studies in Tibet, south and north China.
Selected Publications
The number of total peer-review journal articles, books, book chapters is 134.
The citation number since 2000 is over 3,000 and H index is 32 (Google Scholar).
Articles in internationally peer-reviewed journals

Over 90 articles have been published in the ISI-listed journals (SSCI and SCI with *), and over 25% of them on the top Q1 journals of different subject categories.

*David D. Zhang, Qing Pei, Harry F. Lee, Jane Zhang, C. Q. Chang, Baosheng Li|, Jinbao Li, Xiaoyang Zhang (2015) The pulse of imperial China: a quantitative analysis of long-term geopolitical and climate cycles. Global Ecology and Biogeography 24 (1), 87- 96, DOI: 10.1111/geb.12247 (ranked No.1 in Physical Geography) (Impact Factor: 7.242, 1/46).

*Qing Pei, David D. Zhang (2014) Long-term relationship between climate change and nomadic migration in historical China. Ecology and Society. 19(2):68. DOI: (ranked No.10 in Environmental Studies) (5-Year Impact Factor: 3.889, 10/98).

*Qing Pei, David D. Zhang, Harry F. Lee, Guodong Li. (2014) Climate Change and Macro-Economic Cycles in Pre-Industrial Europe. PLoS ONE 9 (2): e88155.oi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088155 (ranked No.8 in Multidisciplinary Sciences) (5-Year IF: 4.015, 8/55).

*S Du, B Li, Z Li, M Chen, R Xiang, David D. Zhang, D Niu, L Zhang (2014) Rapid Changes In the East Asian Monsoon During the Last Interglacial In the Bohai Sea Coastal Zone, China. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 84(2) 88-96 (ranked No.12 in Geology) (5-Year IF: 2.73, 12/43).

*S Yuejun, L B, David D. Zhang, W Fengnian, W Xiaohao, Y Yi, (2013). Climate fluctuation record from China’s Salawusu River valley during the early last glacial. Geochemistry International 51 (3), 240-248 (ranked No.67 in Geochemistry & Geophysics) (5-Year IF: 0.601, 67/79).

*Jie Fei, Zhong-Ping Lai, David D. Zhang, Hong-Ming He, (2013) Extreme Sea ice events in the Chinese marginal seas during the past 2000 years. Climate Research DOI: 10.3354/cr01129. Amelinghausen: Inter-Research (ranked No.22 in Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences) (5-Year IF: 3.413, 22/76).

*Harry F Lee, David D Zhang, Peter Brecke, Jie Fei (2013). Positive correlation between the North Atlantic Oscillation and violent conflicts in Europe. Climate Research. 2013, 56: 1-10 (ranked No.22 in Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences) (5-Year IF: 3.413, 22/76).

*Qing Pei, David D. Zhang, Guodong Li, Harry F. Lee (2013). Short and long term impacts of climate variations on the agrarian economy in pre-industrial Europe. Climate Research. 56: 169-180 (ranked No.22 in Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences) (5-Year IF: 3.413, 22/76).

*Qing Pei, Lanlan Liu, David D. Zhang. Carbon emission right as a new property right: rescue CDM Developers in China from 2012. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics. 2013, 13(3): 307-320 (ranked No.48 in law) (5-Year IF: 1.444, 48/131).

*Si Yuejun, Li Baosheng, David Dian Zhang, Wang Fengnian, Wen Xiaohao, Yang Yi, Du Shuhuan, Niu Dongfeng, Li Zhiwen, Zhao Xinnan, Wang Jianglong, Guo Yihua, Jiang Shuping, Guo Yuanjun (2013). Climate fluctuation record from China’s Salawusu River valley during the early last glacial. Geochemistry International. 51(3):240-248 (ranked No.67 in Geochemistry & Geophysics) (5-Year IF: 0.601, 67/79).

*Harry F. Lee & David D. Zhang (2013). A tale of two population crises in recent Chinese history Climatic Change. 116 (2), 285-308 (ranked No.7 in Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences) (5-Year IF: 4.732, 7/76).

Awards and Prizes
Outstanding Research Output Prize, 2013, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong
Research Output prize, 2011-2012 University of Hong Kong
Prestigious Follow on Social Science and Humanity, Hong Kong Government 2012-2013
Outstanding Acheivement Award, CAREERI, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2009
Second Prize of Natural Sciences, Gansu Province, 2009
Fifth Winner of Amedeo Prize 2008,
First Winner in Epidemiology, Amedeo Publisher
Research Output prize, 2007-2008 University of Hong Kong
Outstanding Overseas Scholar, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2005 (only 100 overseas Chinese scholars were selected)
Outstanding Researcher Award, University of Hong Kong 2002-2003
Merit Award for Research Proposal, The University of Hong Kong, 2004
Plenary lectures, Invited speaker and keynote speeches
Plenary Keynote Speaker in the Bi-annual Conference of Chinese Geographical
Association, Chengdu, China, 2014
Plenary Keynote Speaker in the International Conference of Climate Change and Conflicts, Norway 2013, Christinsand
Plenary Keynote Speaker in the World Congress on Risk. 2012, Sydney