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Prof. David W. Wong 黄永信 教授

Honour Diploma Hong Kong Baptist University; MA and PhD State University of New York at Buffalo

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Phone: +852 3917-7103
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David Wong received the Honour Diploma in Geography from Hong Kong Baptist University, MA and PhD in Geography at the University of Buffalo. He has taught at the University of Connecticut and George Mason University in the U.S. Professor Wong has co-authored two books, edited one book volume, written 10 book chapters, and published more than 60 refereed papers in peer-reviewed journals. Professor Wong was elected as the Chair of the Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SAM) specialty group of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). He has served on various grant review panels for the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. NIH, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He has reviewed manuscripts for more than 50 journals.

Research Interests

He has broad research interests, ranging from the technical areas in geovisualization and 3D GIS, to the more social-oriented issues in spatial epidemiology and social-spatial networks. But his primary research interests are on spatial scale issues, spatial analysis and statistics, and population analysis, particularly in measuring segregation.

Selected Publications (since 2010)

Li, J. and D. W. Wong. 2010. Effects of DEM sources on hydrologic applications.
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. 34: 251-261.

Sun, M. and D. W. S. Wong. 2010. Incorporating data quality information in mapping the American Community Survey data. Cartography and Geographic Information Science 37 (4): 285-300.

Wong, D. W. S. and S-L Shaw. 2011. Measuring segregation: an active-space approach. Journal of Geographical Systems 13(2): 127-145.

Wong, D. W. S. 2011. Exploring spatial patterns using an expanded spatial autocorrelation framework. Geographical Analysis 43(3): 327-338.

White, K., L. N. Borrell, D. W. Wong, S. Galea, G. Ogedegbe, and M. M. Glymour. 2011. Racial/ethnic residential segregation and self-reported hypertension among U.S.- and foreign-born blacks. American Journal of Hypertension 24(8): 904-10.

Li, J., H. Wu, C. Yang, D. W. Wong and J. Xie. 2011. Visualizing dynamic Geosciences phenomena using an octree-based view-dependent LOD strategy within virtual globes.Computers & Geosciences 37(9): 1295-1302.

Camelli, F., J-M Lien, D. Shen, D. W. Wong, M. Rice, R. Löhner, and C. Yang. 2012.
Generating seamless surfaces for transport and dispersion modeling in GIS.GeoInformatica 16(2): 307-327.

Zhang, P., D. W. Wong, B. K. L. So, and H. Lin. 2012. An exploratory spatial analysis of Western medical services in Republican Beijing. Applied Geography 32(2): 556-565.

Wieczorek, W. F., A. M. Delmerico, P. A. Rogerson, and D. W. S. Wong. 2012. Clusters  in  irregular areas and lattices. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reivews (WIREs): Computational Statistics 4(1): 67-74.

Wong, D. W., B. K. L. So, and P. Zhang. 2012. Addressing quality issue of historical GIS
data: an example of Republic Beijing. Annals of GIS 18(1): 17-29.

Sudano, J. J., A. Perzynski, D. W. Wong, N. Colabianchi, and D. Litaker. 2013.  Neighborhood racial residential segregation and changes in health or death among older adults. Health and Place 19: 80 – 88.

Owen, K. and D. W. Wong. 2013. An approach to differentiate informal settlements using spectral, texture, geomorphology and road accessibility metrics. Applied Geography38:107-118.

Sun, M., B. J. Kronenfeld, and D. W. Wong. 2013. Cartographic techniques for Communicating class separability: Alternative choropleth maps of median household income, Iowa, USA, 2006-2010. Journal of Maps

Wong, D. W. and M. Sun. 2013. Handling Data quality information of survey data in GIS: a case of using the American Community Survey data. Spatial Demography 1(1): 3-16. (

Xu, C., D. W. Wong, and C. Yang. 2013. Evaluating the “Geographical Awareness” of individuals: an exploratory analysis of Twitter data. Cartography and Geographic Information Science 40(2): 103-115.

Falcone, J. A.* and D. W. Wong. Mapping urban land uses in the U.S. by census zone using nationally-available data. Land Use Science (Accepted)

Owen, K. and D. W. Wong. Exploring structural differences between rural and urban informal settlements from imagery: The basureros of Cobán. GeoCarto International(Accepted)

Sun, M., D. W. Wong, and B. Kronenfeld. A classification method for choropleth maps incorporating data reliability information. The Professional Geographer (Accepted) 

Shen, D., D. W. Wong, F. Camelli, and Y. Liu. An ArcScene plug-in for volumetric data conversion, modeling and spatial analysis. Computers & Geosciences (Accepted)

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