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Dr. Cho-Nam Ng 吳祖南 副教授

Dr. Cho-Nam Ng 吳祖南 副教授 
BSc, PhD Lancaster; FHKMetSoc
Associate Professor 

Office: 1035 
Phone: +852 3917-7025

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Research Interests
Environmental policy and planning; environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment; nature and heritage conservation; sustainable development; climate change and energy policy.
Selected Publications

Ng, C.N. and Lee, F.Y.S. (2008) Environmental Safeguard and Breakthroughs', "The First Decade: The Hong Kong SAR in Retrospective and Introspective Perspectives", Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2007, 321-349.

Conference Papers

    Ng, C.N. and Wong, C.C.C. (2013) One Country, Two EIA Systems: the public engagement in the EIA systems of Hong Kong and China, The 33rd Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA13), Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 13-16 May 2013.

    WANG, Y. and Ng, C.N. (2013) Asymmetric Payoff Mechanism and Information Effects in Water Sharing Interactions: A Game Theoretic Model of Collective, The 14th Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons, KitaFuji, Japan, June 3-7, p.68.

    Wang, Y., Ng, C.N. and Buskens, V. (2012) In coping with the tragedy of the commons: a game theoretic perspective on water sharing interactions and cooperation, The 2012 Sino-European Symposium on Environment and Health (SESEH 2012), Galway, Ireland, 20-25 August 2012.

    CHOI, Y.K. and Ng, C.N. (2012) Wetland Habitat Change in the Shenzhen River Cross-boundary Catchment, The 15th International Riversymposium, Melbourne, 8-11 October 2012.

    Ng, C.N. (2010) An evaluation of effectiveness of HK's EIA process: how public being engaged, Conference Proceeding of the 30th Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-11 April 2010.

    Ng, C.N. and Xie, Y. (2010) Transdisciplinary analysis and evaluation of dynamic landscape fragmentation and ecological network: a study of Shenzhen River cross-border catchment, 2010 Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting: Geography and Climate Change, Washington, DC., 14-18 April 2010.

    Ng, C.N. and Xi, Y. (2009) Land Use and Landscape Changes in Shenzhen River Catchment and Its Impacts on the Local Environment: A Preliminary Study, 10th Asian Urbanization Conference, 16-19 August 2009, Hong Kong.

    Ng, C.N. and Yu, X. (2009) An application of landscape metrics analysis in SEA for regional spatial planning, The 29th Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA09), Accra, Ghana, 16-22 May 2009.

    Ng, C.N. (2008) An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Ecological Impact Assessment in Hong Kong’s EIA Process, International Association of Impact Assessment 2008 Annual Conference, Perth, Australia 5-10 May 2008.

    Yu, X. and Ng, C.N. (2005) Landscape Metrics Analysis of Urban Sprawl and Implications for Land Management: Case Study of Guangzhou, Proceeding of International Conference on 'Multi-functionality of Landscapes - Analysis, Evaluation, and Decision Support', May 18-19, 2005.

    Ng, C.N. and Ma, C. (2005) Are the Important Bird Areas Adequately Protected under the Current Protected Areas System in Hong Kong?, Proceeding of 5th Conference on Protected Areas of East Asia, IUCN, 21-25th June 2005, p. p. IV 67.

    Leung, C.N. and Ng, C.N. (2002) Cumulative ecological impacts of linear infrastructure projects: A case study of Kam Tin in Hong Kong, Conference on Reshaping Environmental Assessment Tools for Sustainability, v. 275-284.

    Ng, C.N. (2001) Conservation of Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site: Challenges and Perspective, World Commission on Protected Area East Asia Conference. The University of Hong Kong, 13-15 June 2001, Challenges of Nature Conservation in the Face of Development Pressure.

    Ng, C.N. and Yan, T.L. (2001) Recursive Estimation of Air Quality Model Parameters with Sharp Discontinuities, to appear in the Inter. Jnl. of Environmental Modelling & Software.

    Li, T.Q., C.N. Ng, and R.K.Y. Li (2001) Impact Behaviour of Sawust/Recycled - PP Composites, Jnl. of Applied Polymer Science, No.6, 81, 1420-1428

    Ng, C.N. and Li Y. (2000) Ecotourism in Hong Kong: its potential and limitations, Ecotourism Conference In The Dominican Republic, 20-22 July 2000.

    Ng, C.N. (2000) Conference on China's sustainable development strategy and environmental issues, Contemporary China Research Centre, Sustainable Development: The Hong Kong Way.

    Ng, C.N. (2000) Sustainable Development: The Hong Kong Way, Conference on China's Sustainable Development Strategy and Environmental Issues, p. 6 pp.

    Ng, C.N. (2000) Ecotourism in Hong Kong: Opportunities and Limitations, International Ecotourism Conference 15-23 July, 2000. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

    Ng, C.N. and Li, Y. (2000) Eco-tourism in Hong Kong: its potentials and limitations,International Eco-tourism Conference in the Dominican Republic, p. 8 pp.

    Ng, C.N. and Kwok, R. (1999) Statistical and Dynamic Relationships among Gaseous Pollutants from Automobiles in Urban Hong Kong, International Congress of Biometeorology & Urban Climatology, p. 136-142.

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    Ng, C.N., Xie, Y. and Yu, X. (2013) Integrating landscape connectivity into the evaluation of ecosystem services for biodiversity conservation and its implications for landscape planning, Applied Geography, 2013, v. 42, p. 1-12.

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Current research projects
Ecological Footprints of Hong Kong, Principal Investigator (Hui Oi Chow Foundation Grants)

Mathematical Modelling of the Dynamic Relationship between Ambient Air Quality and Meteorological Parameters; Principal investigator (CERG grants)
Major community service appointments

Member(part-time), Central Policy Unit, HK Government (2000 - )

Member, Advisory Council on the Environment, HK Government (1994 - )

Member, Energy Advisory Committee, HK Government (1996 - )

Member, Wetland Advisory Committee, HK Government (1998 - )

Member, Town Planning Appeal Board, HK Government (1996 - )

Member, Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy, HK Government 
(2000 - )

Member, Monitoring Group on Trials and Studies in relation to the Harbour Areas Treatment Scheme, HK Government (2001 - )

Advisor, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HK Government (2000 - )

Member, United States - Asian Environmental Partnership Programme Steering Committee, Division of Commerce, US Government (1995 - )

Member, Regional Committee for Temperate East Asia, System for Analysis, Research and Training(START), International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP), International Council of Scientific Unions(ICSU) (1995 - )

Director (2000 - ), President (1999 - 2000) and Chairman (1995 ?999), 
The Conservancy Association

Member (2000 - ), and Chairman (1995 - 2000), Management Committee of Mai Po Nature Reserve and Education Centre, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong

Member, executive committee, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong 
(1995 - 2000 )

Member (1995 - ) and Chairman (1992 - 1995), Executive Committee, Hong Kong Environment Centre

Member, executive committee, Hong Kong Birdwatching Society (1995 - )

Advisor, Green China Foundation (1999 - )